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The O'pocalypse Now

Galenical Wrote: Jun 03, 2012 8:24 AM
You must be talking about the Republican Party after we take it back from those currently controlling it. The current Republican Party is complicit in the last hundred years of progressive "progress".
D G Wrote: Jun 03, 2012 12:20 PM
Actually, if you care to think it over, you will see Republicans have been looking out for the middle class all along. The resist Democrats who raise the middle class taxes to paying living expenses for the poor. Major Republican legislation helps the middle class. Tax Reform 1986, Contract for America 1997, and Tax Relief 2003 are examples.

Doctor Roy wrote: I know you have problems with the other two but what's the problem with shared sacrifice?

Dear Comrade Doctor,

There is noting wrong with shared sacrifice if it’s the type of sacrifice Winston Churchill talked about when he told England he had “nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.”

But that’s not what Obama is talking about. He’s talking about rewarding one sector of society, for example the flat-earth society which posses as global alarmists, against the poor and middle class who have to pay more for energy because of Obama.

Let me ask you this:...