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Tea Party News Network Endorses Nobody for President

Galenical Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 4:26 PM
Additionally, the TEA Party should distance itself immediately from any candidate running on TEA Party principles. Any former TEA Party member that decides to run for office should also be distanced from the TEA Party itself. I don't really care if any pundit, author or politician does or does not "like" the "trust but verify" comparison. We need to start holding ALL office holders and candidates feet to the fire. A very hot fire. The closest thing to an endorsement should be verifying that an office holder is voting for TEA Party principles. That's it.

The Tea Party News Network has released their endorsement editorial just four days before the 2012 presidential election. Their choice? No one. The group is strongly opposed to another Obama term, but remains skeptical of Mitt Romney, despite knowing he is the best choice in this race.  The trust but verify approach is being taken towards a Romney presidency.

"We have watched the candidates closely over the past year and are convinced that four more years of an Obama presidency would be disastrous for this country's economy and for the cause of small government," Todd Cefaratti, editor of...