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A National Crisis in Character

Galenical Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 7:34 AM
Please read Adam Smith's "The Theory of Moral Sentiments" . In our culture, prudence has been discarded, the word "justice" has been corrupted to the point of meaninglessness and beneficence is no longer required of the individual as government takes from one man and gives to another. There can be no virtue with prudence, justice and beneficence flushed down the memory hole. With no virtue, there is no great society, only the hollow world of socialism where anything goes, nothing matters, and we take from each other in the great name of fairness. With no virtue, society implodes and all will suffer, liberal, conservative, anarchist and libertarian alike.

Here’s an excerpt from a letter I received the other day from a college professor:

“….throughout this election I discussed with students the differences between ideologies. The majority of them are on federal financial aid. They are fine with more taxes as long as they will be taken care of. It is disturbing to hear that they are willing to spend their own money on tattoos and cell phones but cannot buy the book for class until the financial aid comes in.”

For those who see social conservatism as an annoyance and argue that Republicans must purge this agenda from their...