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A Cop's Best Friend

Galenical Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 6:30 AM
Almost all paper money is contaminated with drugs. I am surprised that "trained" animals do not demonstrate positive hits 100% of the time. An animal sniffing for drugs is a search and as such a warrant for the search should be obtained. And the crazy spam continues. I hope we can get back to discussing concepts -on the topic of the article- rather than "my team won/lost". Good grief.

Our dog, a Maltese/Yorkshire terrier mix named Lana, knows one trick: She sits on command. Sometimes this will get her a peanut, but it does not really do anything for me.

When Aldo and Franky sit, by contrast, they accomplish something important for their police handlers, signaling the presence of illegal drugs and justifying searches that would otherwise be prohibited by the Fourth Amendment.

Two cases the Supreme Court heard last week offer an opportunity to impose long overdue restraints on this amazing ability to transform a cop's hunch into probable cause, which is based on serious misconceptions...