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Americans, get over yourselves. Not everybody is seeking US citizenship. Most of those Mexicans are still loyal to Mexico.
What really galls me are people who shout, "THAT'S THE LAW" or "THAT'S ILLEGAL" and, yet, there are no such laws on the books.
What a bunch of tards. They supported something that they never read and now, suddenly, when they do read it (too late after it has been passed) they are screaming bloody murder. The trouble with alot of people is that they ASSUME everything. They think that everyone thinks the same way that they do-that all of mankind shares their interests and thoughts. Therefore, "this is the way the healthcare bill should be, so it must be that way". What fantastic leaders that these unions have...NOT!!!!!!!
The majority of these illegals don't want US citizenship. They want to earn money to send home to their families and, in the process, are taking jobs away from Americans.
These "power drunks" are probably alcohol and pot drunks too.
The steps used to implement communism: 1. Do away with religion. Look at how Christianity is under attack by the Democrats. 2. Take away all guns. Look at how gun ownership is under attack by the Democrats. 3. Ban dog ownership. Look at how the Democrats promote breed bans and are demonizing breeds such as bull terriers. Gee, do you think that the Democrats are trying to turn the USA into a communism?
She is showing commonsense, but, boy, does she need a good meal!
I doubt that most of the people who come here illegally are looking to become US citizens. They are looking to earn money to send home to their families. A fence is needed around the border.
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Don't Let Obama Kill "Pills for Profit"

Gail104 Wrote: Jan 29, 2013 6:26 PM
The problem with this entire country is popping pills for ailments that are caused simply by malnutrition. This society lives on factory processed, nutrient poor foods and odd diets that are against the laws of nature, such as the low fat diet craze. The fact that the mineral Magnesium has all but disappeared from our soils is another cause of the sickliness of the population. Instead of fussing about drug companies, people should start learning how to cook and how to eat properly. There wouldn't be any need for drugs.
Obama speaks from experience. Look at what extensive brain injuries did to his own thinking.
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