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They may all have good intentions, but they have NO idea how to deal with a pandemic bio hazard situation. Seems the Agents and doctors don't either. This requires medical grade Bio Hazard suits and decontamination after contact. To prevent the spread of MERS, TB, Ebola and all the other child hood diseases we had virtually wiped out. Now we are looking that these kids are being farmed out to various states. Virginia, TN are just 2. Memphis most likely target city. Where the black/hispanic gang bangers kill each other off almost nightly. We are under a Blue Flu and Red Rash Munny contract dispute. We have 1 public hospital that is over loaded with illegals using it as a doctor's office, not as a ER. What next will we be required to quarter them in our homes? NOT MINE. I have health issues of my own that would be severally impacted. SEND THEM HOME!
It would be the same if they held it in MEMPHIS. Over 500 LEO have the BLUE FLU. Contract strips their health care to the bare bones. City council won't cut a dime of their perks or the mayor.
DUMB, it's a dem hot bed. Why not Texas GOP territory. And this won't happen in Cleveland? with it's high crime, dem controlled city? "Denver was rejected because the last think the Republican party wants to see on the news are their convention goers buying pot, getting high and the ugly street scenes that would be shown. It's about the vote."
CHRISTIANS have become public enemy #1 to the Left Wing Nuts. The only god they worship are themselves, and promiscuity. They have not 1 wit of understanding these good Godly ladies CHOSE to be Brides of Christ and to keep themselves pure, to be poor, to put others before themselves. They would give you their last crust of bread if you were hungry, and go hungry themselves. They live their faith. If they'd been muslin not a word would have been said. But these are CHRISTIANS, thus to be despised and hated by the left wing nut cases as Public Enemy #1 to be hated and despised for Christ sake.
This guy is a looser, IF P & G let him go for poor performance, he's right at home in government where NO PERFORMANCE is required.
When my son restricted his bed wetting son from sodas and excess fluids after supper, the issue went away on it's own. From own experience, as I drink lots of water, the more I intake after supper the more I get up to go at night. I'm a female, do not have a over active bladder, just know a well hydrated body works better. As I have Fibromyalgia, 'having to get up' at night makes since, as my muscles are less stiff in the morning. It also can factor in to Neuropathy issues of the legs, that little trip to the bathroom, circulates your blood in your legs. Male incontinence issue. For men Saw Palmetto works great with out drug side effects, you have to play with the dosage to find what works best for you, sorry ladies, this one is strictly a Man's solution. Really increases flow too making it easier for older men to go.
This law is way over due, it has been happening far longer than the public is aware of. Because of social media it just spreads faster today. Every state needs to enact similar laws for both the child's and parental protection. With safe guards in place, as we know government agencies tend to be corrupt and abuse powers. Damaged Care http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/liveonline/02/health/health052102.htm First do No HARM http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-superhuman-mind/201212/first-do-no-harm Lorenzo's oil http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/lorenzos-oil/ The Ketogenic Diet Works; A Mom Reflects on the Success http://epilepsymoms.com/blog/complimentary-alternative-therapies/ketogenic-diet-works-mom-reflects.html http://www.myelin.org/lorenzosoil/lorenzosoiltheoil.html
Liberals want promiscuity period, it furthers the breakdown of the family unit, promotes STD's in both genders. The younger they can start kids on this road the more people will develop STD's, HIV/AIDS. Which have gotten so rampant in our PROMISCUOUS encouraged society. Plus it takes responsibility out of parents hands by providing pre-teens, teens and college students with 'free' birth control, that has noting to do with preventing the spread of STD's.
Medco was already scandal plagued when ES bought them! Please read the complaints, it is very eye opening the waste, fraud, and corruption on the part of ES. Very cumbersome system to use too. 3 weeks to get a first Script filled. In less than 10 days a new script that cost $870 for 90 days will be just stuffed in my HOT mail box by the USPS, UN PHOTO ID SIGNED FOR!
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