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Perfectly healthy Granddaughter who is not sexually active pediatrician conned her mom into that GARDASIL shot, and now she has RA, FMS, food allergies. She went from a healthy active in gymnastics ribbons, horse back riding, skiing, and water boarding to a child that now has to take 8 pills a day to control the diseases this crappy drug gave her. And our boys are on their list next. It will become MANDATORY for school.
What about those of us already on government controlled health care? Medicare which was gutted to pay for 0'care, and Tricare Life, Ret Military over 65? They have already DOD MANDATED WHERE WE CAN GET OUR DAILY SCRIPTS FILLED. We are having trouble finding specialist. I've been turned down by a doctor I saw just 4 yrs ago he no longer takes Medicare and Tricare Life. Signs up in doctors offices saying NO NEW MEDICARE patients.
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Jeb Bush Vs. Ted Cruz

Gail101 Wrote: 19 hours ago (7:39 AM)
I'd vote for Cruz. I'd sit home if it's Jeb. I's sick and tired of RINOS!
In the mean time Seniors and Ret. Military over 65 are being denied medical care as more doctors refuse to take the low reimbursement government controlled health care. And this does not come under the 0'care act. Ret. Military over 65 were DOD MANDATED 4/14 where they can obtain their daily meds.
They made toy manufacture put orange tips on guns, preps just painted it on theirs. The Dictators want our guns removed so they can take over American as bloodlessly as possible. Ayn Rand needs to be a must read for every 7th grader along with the Constitution, 1984 and the Bible. Soylent Green and Blade Runner seen. Teach gun safety courses in HS including how to clean and maintain them. Bow clubs with instructors. I live in a open carry state. No one says a word about it. Now the nanny crowd will rat you out if you swat your kid on the behind for being a brat in the store in a heart beat. You abused the little brat. Kids are taught to call 911 when their parents punish them, even if it just a grounding.
NO, no more than the race pimps like sharpton will be held accountable for the blood of LEO on the hands of the Lynch mobs from Fergerson.
What part of SHALL NOT INFRINGE do these litards not understand. NO gun law is constitutional! We grew up with long guns in the house, we never dared touch them. We never touched what was our parents. My children raised with guns in the house. They never dared touch them. As a Parent of a child beat to death with a 2 ft section of fence post for the sociopath perp to get his jollies to see what it feels like to kill an innocent child.I not only own a gun, I took the right courses, own a home safe for when my great grands visit. Other wise it is on my hip NEVER left unattended. With gun ownership comes responsibility.
We tried the orange tip thing. Criminals can just paint the end of their weapons orange. As a responsible gun owner, CCW holder, when my great grands are around, guns go into a locked safe and keys are carried in my pocket. Only idiots leave real guns unwatched, unsecured around children. Making them clear plastic would be a starter for safety issues. But kids still like the old western holster and gun sets as their first set of guns when young and those are silver. My brother had them, my boys had them. We didn't have this problem back in the 70-80's. It was not until liberals went ballistic that we had all these stories on guns and kids.
First we had to put orange tips on toy guns. I raised boys, toy guns were always on the Christmas list of needed items, or they used sticks. It is a boys nature to mock fight, been going on since we started training youths as Knights. My grandson has a bow, he gets a BB gun this year. With the training of proper use and care included.
Officer Down Tarpon Springs, FL in http://www.abcactionnews.com/news/region-north-pinellas/officer-killed-in-tarpon-springs-shooting This lynch mob and there is no other name for it is spreading across the USA. None will be brought to justice. Cop killer Mumia has been on death row over 20 yrs.
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