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I also Conceal Carry, my murdered son's sociopath killer is now out of prison EARLY. I am his #1 target. When I had my last child C section I opted for tube tying. Which should be mandatory after the 2nd out of wedlock child your life style proves you are not a responsible person.
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Build Better Teachers

Gail101 Wrote: Aug 30, 2014 8:18 AM
First you'd have to fire every liberal college proff. Then you have to fire every liberal teacher. And refill those slots with conservatives that actually taught the basics we learned before the hippie generation became the proffs in our colleges. Pandora is out of her box. You have to put her back in it to fix our schools. Then you have to restore discipline. That means the paddle in front of the whole class, not in private in the principals or coaches offices. Turn Math back to the 50's style it is simple and teachable where this new stuff is confusing. It should not take a full page to solve 1 simple pre algebra problem. It does today. I am a very conservative Christian, I would not trust 1 of today's liberal indoctrinated teachers to teach any thing about the Christian religion. They'd screw it up liberal style, Jesus would be a community organizer to them. Not the Son of God, King of Kings, Savior of the world.
None of them truly live in their home states, they maintain a residence of a sort, and then buy a fancy house in Virgina in high class gated communities so common peons can't get to them, they fear the voters wrath. Just like the old lords and ladies of King George 3 area. And yes we are approaching that level of disgust and distrust of our elected officials, and their dirty tricks to get elected or reelected. I.E TN RINO lamar alexander pulled a thad chocran. To many dem cross over votes to be real, there was a dem candidate on the primary ballot along with 2 GOP. 1 unknown who did not really campaign and Joe Carr, lamar only won with 50% of the vote. Lots of dead vote in Memphis. We have 2 city council people who don't actually live in their districts. 1 has a house that has NO UTILITIES in over a year turned on. Course they are minorities so the minority judges they seek out always rule in their favor. They are all CROOKS. The only good coming out of this primary for TN was the NEVER THERE TO SICK, FALLING OFF THE BAR STOOL Ophelia Ford of the very corrupt Ford family was defeated by a non Ford for the first time in history since they started running for any office in TN dem voters threw a Ford out of office, instead of them being hauled off in handcuffs like her bro was for taking bribes for votes in the TN Senate.
BTW I walked out with a 4 year old and a 6 month old, with a HS education, no money, no job, and did not know how to drive. Thank God for my parents for the temporary haven until I could get on my feet and learn to drive and get a job.
I must be an oddity, but then again I lived through the Peanut Farmer's tenure, gas lines, freezing my butt off working in a factory to support my 2 boys. I left their abusive father to protect them you see. I qualified for squat at $3.50 an hr. Took 7 yrs to make it to $5.50. Nor could I rely on regular child support. In fact he owes his sons over $40K. He has seen his sons 1 time in 40+ yrs. The day I buried my then murdered 16 year old. Not seen hide nor hair of him since. I'm a hard headed Celt heritage to boot. I vote VERY CONSERVATIVE. Nor do I expect freebies. I expect VALUE. I want my Republic Constitutional government back. I want TERM LIMITS ON CONGRESS 2 terms and out, limit senate to 4 yrs, and limit EO's. All congressional pay raises go on the ballot or tied to Retired Military or SS COLA raises. No retirement, no Platinum health care, they go BC/BS with co pays just like the rest of us. There are still a few Women who reason, not feel when they vote. I tried to vote TN RINO pro amnesty lamar alexander out. I voted Joe Carr, and will write his name in come Nov. I will not vote for lamar, corker, halsam any of TN's RINOS.
He is pushing for Revolutionary War 2! Time to divorce the despots in DC and restore our REPUBLIC Constitutional Government. As Franklin said it's a Republic 'if YOU CAN KEEP IT'! And the tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time. Forget which founder said that. TENNESSEANS DO NOT VOTE FOR RINO PRO AMNESTY, LAMAR ALEXANDER IN NOV! HE IS SELLING US OUT! WRITE IN JOE CARR. He pulled the same fast trick they pulled on McDaniel's to win the primary. Lots of Dem cross over voting. They know who the sugar daddy is. Lamar.
Both parties are guilty of this, all they ever think of is the next fund raiser. Our Fund Raiser In Chief is proof of that.
lamar has the backing of the dem party as well with cross over voting. Same thing that happened with McDaniels. It behooves them to keep him as he votes 62% their way.
Flinn is not known out side Shelby Co, not running much of a campaign. Carr has had little W TN exposure, the few times he's been on this end of the state were RSVP. The last one was open, but not widely known, not even to those on news letter until just hrs before, left no room for people to make plans to go. The rest were night time. So drawing from rural areas in Fayette, Tipton as well as Shelby Co. was not going to happen with Seniors. He did not do a major pitch to the Retired Military community that comprise this 4 county area. He ran a state reps race, in my opinion not a statewide for US Senate race. Yes, he is the better candidate voting record wise. But not getting your message out is not good. lamar is as 62% dem voter. When lamar ran that anti 0'care ad, Carr should have counter with lamar being the1 who voted to let the beast out of committee, thus making it able to become law. That cloture vote let it out. Carr concentrated on Mid to East TN. Memphis is a lost cause to GOP, but the rest of Shelby Co is more conservative. With a Navy base in Millington, TN. That would have drawn the Retired Military to day time campaign stops.
My dad died over 20 yrs ago as a VA Patient. He went faithfully to every appointment. They did chest xrays every 3 months, and "missed" the Lung Cancer until it was past treatment stage. Gave him 6 weeks, sent him home with a Hospice phone number, and that was that. He lived 3 months, actually died of a OD of pain med the hospice people administered. We are starting to see the same incompetence in civie hospitals. Along with Mooch's food for kids meals. I dread to think what will happen with the full implementation of 0'care is put into effect. Lots of invasive questions, they even want to know when you had your last flu shot. Will we be forced to take medicines for health conditions even if we react to the drugs? As hubby is retired Military over 65 on Tricare Life, gov't controls all our medical from meds to test. I have OP, Medicare just restricted bone density testing to every 2 years. Now there is not enough monitoring of the condition. Nor is the base line done soon enough to ward it off. First Bone Density test should be done with First Mammogram as a base line, and repeated as needed by the patient. Not by government's interference between patient and doctor treatment as many women will start to develop bone density issues shortly after menopause. You men are reduced to a PSA every 2 yrs. I don't expect that all the cost be picked up, but there should be a co-pay arrangement for the expensive items like glasses, hearing aids. That really do a big hit job on a Senior's wallet.
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