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I'm surprised Katie Pavlich didn't point out the Mexican border helicopters have been paid for by American tax dollars. The USSA supplied Mexico with all sorts of military 'goodies' including helicopters courtesy of Joe Sixpack on Main Street, Hometown, USSA.
The President, all executive branch workers, both houses of congress and the courts take oaths to obey the Constitution..... AND NONE OF THEM DO. Had the aforementioned obeyed the Constitution the U.S. would not be a police state today.
Having Romney-Ryan in The White House is akin to having another Bush-Cheney Administration. Big spending, war drum beating neocons one and all. Ryan's plan takes 28 yrs to square away the budget and debt. Ron Paul or Gary Johnson are fiscal conservatives, Romney & Ryan are not. Romney & Ryan are supporters of the Patriot Act, NDAA, Drone law, Trespass law and CISPA. Ryan voted for them. All are police state laws to the max which trash the 1st and 4th Amendments. So much for you being "alarmed" about the loss of our liberties. Both Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are totally opposed to such Nazi laws.
Dr. Paul, do the right thing and endorse Gary Johnson.
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Paul Ryan Appeals to Ron Paul Followers

gahotdog Wrote: Aug 28, 2012 12:30 PM
Ron Paul supporters are fiscal conservatives. Paul Ryan voted for TARP and all of the other RINO Bush, Boehner, Cantor spending bills which far surpassed the debt of the Clinton Administration. Paul Ryan talks good but his budget takes 28 yrs to get the country out of debt. Paul Ryan supported Bush going to war without a declaration in Afghanistan & Iraq and he supported the trillion dollars of debt to finance the wars. Ron Paul supporters are opposed to the police state which is taking place across the country everywhere you look, including the 100's of Nazi appearing police in Tampa. Paul Ryan voted for most of the following police state laws: NDAA, CISPA, Drone bill, Patriot Act ext, & Trespass Bill.
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