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You are absolutey correct. The first tea party was in Dec of 2007 and there was NO FUNDING by the KOCH BROS. The media has made up its own version of when it was formed. WE we actually protesting BUSH.
Actually Santelli was talking about us, since we formed the tea party movement in protest of BUSH in 2007. So it was already in full swing from Dec 16, 2007 when we held a huge rally in Fanueil Hall Boston and tossed "tea" boxes in the harbors all over the USA. The boxes were emblazoned with the four main issues.. So this is why he mentioned that he might even want to have one at Lake Michigan. We then marched on DC in July of 2008. The tea party turned 6 this past December. The other groups that started up in 2009 are all fake GOP PACS. http://www.nhteapartycoalition.org/tea/2013/11/29/happy-sixth-anniversary-tea-party/ http://www.nhteapartycoalition.org/tea/about-join/
How in heck would Matt Kibbe know? His group is for Amnesty and is NOT the tea party.
This is more neocon baloney. The libertarians founded the tea party in 2007.... but townhall just wants you to send more money to their fake 2009 'tea party' group so they can pay their GOP consultants $100K per year and promote rinos like Romney.
The party of Jim Crow is at it again! NH Dems are sexist, racist bigots and known woman haters. And this is proof. They hate women, especially smart women. Garcia is American and she is not a 'minority' or 'of color'. She comes from an ethnic background as many of us do but she was born in the USA.... Nevertheless Sullivan should step down but Buckles the Clown Buckley, their woman hating Dem Party Chair would NEVER call for that! You have heard crickets and I suggest everyone write and demand Sullivan resign because we are sick of this.
SOLD US OUT, except for Rand Paul
So true.. Except for Gutfeld and Rand Paul, all losers.. Malkin.. yuck (The Case for Internment? Really MM? OMG)
TRUE! This is the old guard and they are going going GONE!
I agree...
Rush, Palin, Malkin, Levin, all neocon pukes! ROVE? YUCK! Gingrich? Progressive filth.. OMG we are really in trouble with this list of establishment neocon lackeys.
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