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The Gospel According to Don

Gabriela8 Wrote: Apr 02, 2013 1:05 AM
Continuing on the theme of Jesus and statements re: homosexuality, notice that when Christ was arguing with the Pharisees (who were trying to trap him) about the propriety of divorce (Mark 10, verses 6-10), He said that if a man divorces his wife he forces her to commit adultery. He didn't bring up men-on-men marriage, etc., because it would have been an absurdity, like asking Jesus "is it okay to murder a baby as it is being born?" It would not have entered into the mind of anyone at that time that such a thing as SSM could legally occur--homosexuality was an abomination according to Jewish law, and a homosexual act would then have been considered grave sin, and not the basis for marriage, for heaven's sake.
jfhdsiu Wrote: Apr 02, 2013 2:36 AM
I perceive a burden you bear, in your posts. It is very frustrating to see these things so clearly and those things articulated well only to be frustrated in the knowledge that one is arguing against an insurmountable will to disagree, from others. The passages you cite are endearing to me, as it is the word of GOD and not subject to 'after the fact' interpretation. GOD's WORD is GOD's WORD. Who dares believe in GOD and not believe HIS WORD? To NOT believe GOD's GIVEN WORD, is to deny GOD. Is it not? I like the way you logically advance your point.
Gabriela8 Wrote: Apr 02, 2013 9:25 AM
Thank you, jfhdsiu. It is not a burden to defend my Savior. Like you, I love Jesus. Which of us does not stand up for the one we love, with joy?

Author's Note: although Jesus never specifically condemned it, I think wearing snow boots with your mini skirt after Easter is a sin. But that's just my holistic interpretation of the Scriptures. What's true for this author may not be true for you.

I have an old friend named Don who graduated from college twenty years ago. He has tried every get rich scheme in an effort to retire early and enjoy the good life. Now that he's in his forties and has nothing to show for it, he's decided to take the biggest shortcut in life: he's joined the Democratic...