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Obama: I'm Not a Dictator or Judge--Any Bad Econ News During Sequester Is All GOP's Fault

Gabriela8 Wrote: Mar 01, 2013 1:39 PM
We're becoming an Obamanation and it's an abomination. I think the Republicans need to appoint a spokesperson to tell the truth after each one of these appalling press conferences in which Obama twists everything around "...they have a plane to catch..." (when he's the one on constant vacation/campaigning). He's lying, and the only way to fight a liar is to hold immediate and press-covered rebuttals on the spot where the truth be told again and again. This was O's idea, and he wants it to hurt, by design. He's out to get us.

I stitched together these "best of" clips from Obama's news conference today on the sequester/budget cuts. I don't think the appropriate label for Obama saying he's not a "dictator" or a "[Supreme Court] judge" as a Freudian slip, but the statements are quite revealing as he sees himself in light of his job description.

The takeaway: The first four years of economic bad news is Bush's fault and now it's the fault of congressional Republicans.

NIXON: "I'm not a crook."