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My Plan for Eliminating School Shootings

Gabriela8 Wrote: Dec 26, 2012 8:53 PM
Most teachers aren't going to want that kind of responsibility. What if they miss? I'd say armed guards. I know, it will cost a lot, but that's the price of having the left in charge (apparently, indefinitely, and into the future).
cambeul41 Wrote: May 14, 2013 12:25 PM
We know what happens if the teacher and staff can't miss because they have nothing with which to shoot. No one said there were any guarantees or perfect solutions.
1Falcon1 Wrote: Dec 28, 2012 6:32 AM
gabriel stand real still and the nut won't miss you dolt
MoreKowBell Wrote: Dec 26, 2012 9:10 PM
I assume it would be a choice, as not all teachers are capable of qualifying.

As a candidate for president of the United States, it is incumbent on me to make a statement regarding the Sandy Hook massacre and to explain how my policies would help prevent other such massacres should I become president. As I discuss this sensitive topic, it is also incumbent on me to sound more rational and articulate than the incumbent. That will not be difficult.
As president, I plan to attack the issue in two ways. First, I will use the bully pulpit to influence voters and state lawmakers. Second, I will take direct action to influence...