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This is what it feels like to be lead from behind. The man in the cockpit is flying by the seat of his pants. So Ebola will spread until the madness stops.
This is what happens when the first-best solutions are ignored (barring flights from hot spots). Second best is home quarantines for anyone arriving from hot spots. But that still will allow the spread of the disease before we get the medicines and vaccinations to stop Ebola. It is better than nothing. In the end, we will get correctives, but not before the horses (the public health in the USA) have run out of the barn. Even then, every correct movement will be fought by the powers that be. We are being led from behind. The man in the cockpit is flying by the seat of his pants.
Tin, you have a "tin" ear for God's word. You have turned God into the tooth fairy, or some "love" beatnik, "if it feels good, do it"-type hippie, carefully editing out of the Bible the clear warnings in both the OT and NT that "the wages of sin is death." You contradict scripture, you pervert the word of God, and twist what God says to suit your purpose, which is probably the pursuit of pleasure. In other words, your god is your belly. Like Esau in the Bible, you are forfeiting the inheritance for a meal. You are forewarned by scripture where your self-delusion will lead. But where there's life there's hope. If you can't see we're in trouble, you don't want to see. Eyes wide shut.
Men are capable of good and evil, Herald. What makes "compassion" and "humility" a "good"? In referring to a "good," you are referring to a moral absolute(s), whether you realize it or not. From whence do such absolutes come? Where does our awareness of good and evil come from? No one is saying atheist can't do good things--they are also made in the image and likeness of God, whether they believe in God or not. They are capable of both good and evil, just like everyone else. Atheists do not have the gifts of the Holy Spirit, so they are at a distinct disadvantage in perceiving and resisting temptation.
Will there be Christian book stores in 100 years in the USA?
To undermine a society by corrupting the glue (mortar) of marriage IS to harm others. Tin, the Soviet Union used to throw up very badly built buildings (they probably still do). At first, it all looked swell. Then the earthquakes came, and the buildings collapsed. They could not withstand a good shake. Our country is getting a good shaking up right now (rumblings by Putin and others, contagion). There's likely to be more trouble ahead, because we have bad leadership in Washington right now, and if the elections are corrupted (and they may well be, what with all the lawsuits against any effort to "true the vote"), no democratic corrective to repair the situation. So go out and vote and pray that we still have the apparatus (enough honest civil servants) to pull off a trustworthy election, which should set a solution in motion.
Aren't the LGBT coercing us, Tin? You don't want to see that because it knocks down your house of cards.
Dann5, excellent scriptures for our thoughts and prayers.
Tin, this is addressed to you, no matter how far down in the thread my reply may appear. We are a nation gone astray, per your numbers 1,2,3, and I'd add a few, Tin. People think they can do anything in the name of "love". Some people can't wrap their minds around the fact that God cares about sex. Now a few questions for you, Tin: Why did God say "Vengeance is mine; I will repay"? Why did Jesus say to the Scribes and Pharisees, who were trying to persecute Him: "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees?....How can you be saved from final damnation?" (Matthew 24, verse 33) Why did God destroy the earth with the flood, but protect Noah and his family? Jesus referred to Noah, BTW, so it isn't just a fable. What is the meaning of the first commandment "I am the Lord thy God. You shall have not worship idols (I am paraphrasing)." Would you consider the present age in the grip of hedonism (the worship of pleasure)? Does hedonism violate the first commandment? When we break God's laws, are we going to get punished? Could this punishment start in the present age, and wrap up in the age to come? How does God regard sexual sin? Are we in the grip of His wrath? Could it get worse?
Herald, God did call homosexuality a perversion, through men who wrote the Bible, which men were "drenched" in the Holy Spirit. Jesus, true God and true man, quoted scripture, including the OT. Jesus's thoughts and teachings are largely the basis of the NT. Just because someone belongs to a minatory does not mean Christians denigrate them. Just because a group is a minatory does not mean their behavior is moral. You are misguided by your lack of faith. God does not hate homosexuals, He loves them as He loves all His children. You can achieve salvation by repentance and by throwing yourself into the arms of Jesus Christ, who longs to help you by freeing you from your sins. We as Christians do not hate you or fear you. We welcome you as fellow sinner and urge you to repent and reform yourselves, as we try to repend and reform ourselves (it's an ongoing process). Homosexuals are humans, worthy or love, encouragement and respect--but sinful acts are sinful acts, and we're not going to lie to you about sinful behavior. You do not have the right to force true believers to sin by forced participating in sinful acts. To do so will pull down God's wrath. The Bible is God's written word to instruct and guide men during their earthly pilgrimage.
Herald, if you cannnot read the signs of the times, you don't want to. Jesus said as much to those who witnessed His miracles and yet rejected Him. What do you think is going on, Herald? Ebola in America? Would not have happened unless we're under bad leadership. Bad leadership is one of the ways God punished an erring nation in the OT. You haven't seen anything yet, Herald. That is the bad news. Now here is the good news: it is not too late. There is time to repent. God may relent still, if we repent in sack cloth and ash, as did Ninevah when Jonah warned them. I and every other true believer planet are to speak the truth, including truth to power. All of us are called to be great saints. He said "Be ye perfect, as your father in heaven is perfect." True believers know scripture. Therefore, we true to apprehend God's truth and laws and appreciate God's personality. This is available to one and all, but "your god is your belly," so you have, like Esau in the Bible, given up your inheritance for a meal.
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