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Hysterical Media Tells Us To Calm Down

Gabriela8 Wrote: 20 hours ago (9:07 AM)
TXTRUTH, you nailed it.
Raymond, it's all about letting the country be over-run by new illegal voters. Otherwise, regular Americans have figured out we're being badly led and will get new leadership.
Trait, You are nailing what is wrong with the current response to the crisis.
Our leadership is in deep denial about the problem at some level. Ultimately, the sycophants and toadies will have to acknowledge the threat, but before that, a lot of people are going to be unnecessarily exposed to the disease.
Good point, Ava. Home quarantines are better than nothing, but other people in the home can are susceptible to exposure to their family member's bodily fluids. That's why if one member in the family catches something, it is likely they all do. The returning soldiers are being quarantined in Italy. So the current scientific thinking indicates there is a role for quarantine in protecting public health. Well, why not here for arrivals from hot spots that are not soldiers?
This is what it feels like to be lead from behind. The man in the cockpit is flying by the seat of his pants. So Ebola will spread until the madness stops.
This is what happens when the first-best solutions are ignored (barring flights from hot spots). Second best is home quarantines for anyone arriving from hot spots. But that still will allow the spread of the disease before we get the medicines and vaccinations to stop Ebola. It is better than nothing. In the end, we will get correctives, but not before the horses (the public health in the USA) have run out of the barn. Even then, every correct movement will be fought by the powers that be. We are being led from behind. The man in the cockpit is flying by the seat of his pants.
Tin, you have a "tin" ear for God's word. You have turned God into the tooth fairy, or some "love" beatnik, "if it feels good, do it"-type hippie, carefully editing out of the Bible the clear warnings in both the OT and NT that "the wages of sin is death." You contradict scripture, you pervert the word of God, and twist what God says to suit your purpose, which is probably the pursuit of pleasure. In other words, your god is your belly. Like Esau in the Bible, you are forfeiting the inheritance for a meal. You are forewarned by scripture where your self-delusion will lead. But where there's life there's hope. If you can't see we're in trouble, you don't want to see. Eyes wide shut.
Men are capable of good and evil, Herald. What makes "compassion" and "humility" a "good"? In referring to a "good," you are referring to a moral absolute(s), whether you realize it or not. From whence do such absolutes come? Where does our awareness of good and evil come from? No one is saying atheist can't do good things--they are also made in the image and likeness of God, whether they believe in God or not. They are capable of both good and evil, just like everyone else. Atheists do not have the gifts of the Holy Spirit, so they are at a distinct disadvantage in perceiving and resisting temptation.
Will there be Christian book stores in 100 years in the USA?
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