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B is For Bizarre -- Also For Boehner, Budget and Washington Bozos

Gabriela8 Wrote: Dec 23, 2012 12:47 PM
I liked Gary's idea of competing theme music between the pols and the public, so wanted to build on that theme (in the spirit of Cliff-mas): Please sing to the tune of "Jingle Bells": Dashing toward the cliff In a 2nd term open sleigh Over the cliff we go Screaming all the way Collapse and confusion sting Making politicians fight What fun it is to fight and scream a crash-land song tonight. Refrain: Jingle bells, oh hell's bells, Money's gone away! Ole Ben can print till there ain't no end we'll be in descent (dissent, too) anyway Take that, Paul Krugman. Merry Cliff-mas, Townhallers. Let's not forget the reason for the season (the re-election of Obama is the reason we're in this pickle).

How long is this show going to go on in Washington, and must it? They say closing time for its costars is midnight, December 31. That's when the president and the speaker of the House need to agree on the federal budget Or Else, but politicians never met a deadline they couldn't postpone, as in Can, Kick Down the Road.

This year's burlesque is turning into a melodrama (working title: Meltdown) as both sides steer the country right over the dreaded (cue scary music) Fiscal Cliff! Thelma and Louise, here we come. The Mayans couldn't have written a scarier doomsday...