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An Opportunity For Congressman Issa

G. Joan Wrote: Jun 28, 2014 11:23 AM
Any fish in the scandal will do.
I live in Texas and I will certainly vote for Walker if he should ever decide to run for President. I think Governor Walker should have sued all that was involved with such untruth. We can send our Attorney General from Texas to help out. These Socialist/Progressives should be ashamed of them selves, but they are not.
you can say two pigs and a cow can marry, but that does not make a marriage.
So you are part of the 37 percent that likes what is going on in this Country? Obama is taking us down to France Level as we speak. There will always be people like you that believe a Socialist government would be better for MY Country. Well I hope that we can turn this Country around and back to our Constitution, Call me extremist, we call it freedom.
Head to France, we won't miss you.
They don't look good anymore. Fed up with them and the Federal Government.
I think that Scott Walker would make a great President. He has done everything right and the left Socialist/Progressives just can't stand the truth about anything. I feel so sorry for them and the media that only knows how to trash anything they think they can get away with. Look at their ratings and how the press is also going down.
Think big corporations who want cheap labor.
Nothing if they don't use the National Guard of Texas and the National Guard of Arizona on their borders and NOW. I have always been had the understanding that is what they were there for to protect our borders. Not to be sent over seas to fight.
I hope that they can beat the USA D.O.J from stopping them by court order. That is is favorite thing to do you know!!!!!!
boy is that an understatement. I can count on one hand the ones that should stay.
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