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Gov. Jeb Bush. READ MY LIPS. You are a RINO and should NOT CONSIDER running for President. I love the Bush family and my mother loved the Bush family. BUT we do not want another Bush or Clinton in the White House.
College students do not have a frontal lobe that has matured enough to decide who to vote for and for what reason to vote. So maybe they know College girls better than I do. LOL Surly you have seen the happenings on the beaches in Florida. OH, maybe Cosmo already knows this. Almost like fraud voting in that case.
Lepano, get all of your friends to come along and see how many friends will do the same. If the food is good just keep coming.
Hey Pete, keep your restaurants' name as is........... Remember the people that believe in the constitution still out number the ones that don't like our constitution. So with this free advertisement I intend to visit your restaurant and if your food is good I will keep coming. Now go back to work and forget these Political correct lunnies.
and the people thought that Hillary might be the first female Pres., not so we have had Valery Jarret for the last 6 years.
Even more depressing is that no one will do anything.
Only those that are on Welfare will vote for Obama and his socialist democrats, both white and black. They are neither informed or care about this Country.
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LGBT Strikes Again: Comply or Die

G. Joan Wrote: Oct 13, 2014 10:41 AM
The courts do not make the law the congress does. Make no mistake the Liberals and LBGTs should know that. But the Courts know that they have to follow the law not make them. Tell me when has this Administration upheld any law that they didn't like and that includes the Liberal judges for that matter.
What a strange word to use. They neither are married nor can they have children. That is the the way God meant it to be. Calling it anything other than a Contract would be ignorant of the facts of life. Birds and the Bees so to speak.
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