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And First Prize for Gall Goes to ... Barack Obama!

G. Joan Wrote: Jan 15, 2013 4:33 PM
Look at Pelosi when she looks at the President. I cannot tell if she is peeing in her pants or loves him, her grin never changes
Here's the really nice thing about being president of the United States: You can hold a press conference, make any cockeyed statement you like and glare down all critics, inasmuch as you're King of the Microphone.

You can, that is, if you're a certain kind of president. Let's say, theoretically, you're a president like Barack Obama, who, standing before the media on Monday, declared up to be down, red to be green and wolves to resemble sweet little lamb-y pies.

With four more years to run in his engagement with the American people, Obama may yet startle us...

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