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Why Social Conservatives Will Miss Pope Benedict

G-Pa Chaz Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 8:37 AM
There is a big difference between “equal” and “fair”. My kids once when they accused me of being “unfair”. I explained that I DO treat them fairly, just not equally. After all, if I treated them equally, I’d by them the same size shoes, even though the shoes wouldn’t fit one or the other of them. Similarly, men and women are not the same. They are different, just as God created them. To ignore this difference is to be blind to God’s plan.

The resignation of Pope Benedict comes as a surprise.  Now all eyes will turn to the College of Cardinals, which will elect his successor by Easter (this year, near the end of March).

Although I am not a Catholic, the news of the resignation was profoundly disheartening to me.  Notwithstanding its flaws (or, more properly, some profoundly flawed leaders), the Catholic Church has been stalwart in standing as a bastion for eternal truths, even when they are not popular.

Here is just one example of why social conservatives will dearly miss Pope Benedict.  In written responses to questions...