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No Surer Bet

G-Pa Chaz Wrote: Apr 03, 2013 8:27 AM
Well good morning right back at you, Whitebeard. And yes, I couldn’t agree more. I think of all the apostles, if I had to identify with one, it would be Thomas. I used to think it would have been great to have lived 2000 years ago and actually seen our Lord in the flesh. Now, a little older, and I hope a little wiser, I think I have to admit I would more likely have been a Pharisee. I’m not sure I would have recognized our Lord in a lowly carpenter & neighbor. I, for one, have benefited greatly from 2000 years of hindsight and study by greater minds than mine. God is great!

This past Sunday, Christians around the world celebrated Easter as a memorial of Christ's resurrection. If Christians are correct about what happened on the first Easter morning, then the resurrection is the single most important event in human history. Jesus is the Son of God who came to earth to sacrifice himself for our sins, and those who accept him by grace through faith will have life for eternity in the presence of God.

Eternity is hard to fathom, hard to wrap our minds around. It's hard to conceptualize temporally or spatially. We are told that the universe is infinite in...