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There is nothing wrong with a good education. I wish I had got one. I went to university and studied science for four years instead. Education is relative. Higher education does not lead one to wealth or success, or create brilliance. The bell curve of higher education peaks rapidly. [ ^ ] So does any benefit accorded to graduates. The C student is the majority. The A jobs are in the minority. The math is obvious even for high school drop outs, yet you'd be surprised how many supposedly well educated people just don't get it. By second year 80% of students should be reassessing their education/career options.
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G-gnome Wrote: Jul 21, 2012 8:04 AM
You'd think by now there would be some movement by the Democrats on rhetoric away from such idiotic statements like "fair share". The progressive tax system is not about fair shares. Romney's tax returns? What is there to know that would be helpful. The IRS must have been satisfied. I have enough problems working out my own that I'm not the least interested in attempting to figure out Romney's. Like he files his own anyways. LOL. But.... The MSM is waiting to latch onto what ? Question the math and legal fudging done by Romney's corporate tax accountant and tell us all how they'd do it different if it was their millions. Riiiight. Even liberals can't be that stupid..... I hope!
You can't expect those who believe in, and use[abuse] the collective identity to uphold individual responsibility. You can't divide and conquer individuals.
I don't think Tim Pawlenty is going to be nominated for VP. I'm hoping Romney takes Rubio on board as VP. Rubio is a smart young man who understands limited government and would be a prime resource for Romney in reaching the TEA Party Conservative block. Business acumen is what is needed. CEO managerial skills. Government run like any other business. So it would be a very good test for Romney to put some good old fashioned business skills to work and bring the nation back to something that doesn't represent a drunkard spending his lotto winnings before the numbers are even drawn.
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