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The End Of The Karl Rove Death Grip Signals A Reagan Renaissance

fyi2day Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 11:23 PM
The neocons are certainly as evil as the progressive but, Reagan is not my hero either. While his rhetoric was inspiring he was never more than a paid mouth piece his whole life ironically starting with GE back in the 50's. We just all wanted to believe. In turn he pulled out the credit card to "defeat" communism while enslaving us with debt. Fair trade??? I say no. The corporate masters chose well in Reagan and we bought it. BTW, If he would have gotten rid of the DEPT of EDU as promised we still would have had a chance to educate our own kids locally but, turns out it was too great of a public opinion tool to give up. Google "charlotte iserbyt thomson" to learn more... * Disclaimer: This is
Liberals do not grasp the distinction between Ronald Reagan and (either) George Bush. This blind spot creates a massive confusion and hazard to their ambitions. Obama defeated neither the Reagan Narrative nor Team Reagan. Team Bush appropriated, and then marginalized, both. Obama beat Team Bush, not Team Reagan. The implications are huge.

There was a touchy relationship between President Reagan and his Vice President George H.W. Bush. They were rivals during the primaries. Bush attacked the Reagan economic agenda as “voodoo economics.” Bush served faithfully as VP for eight years but Reagan and Bush never warmed to one another. There...