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Obama's Craven Betrayal of the First Amendment

fworley681 Wrote: Sep 14, 2012 6:54 PM
Doesn't it follow that 'inciting violence' is exactly how they are going to start limiting free speech? Since there are a small percentage of the general Muslim population that will act violently everytime someone dares to question their prophet - then movies about Islam and the prophet will be banned or restricted because they 'incite violence' which is ludicrous of coarse since the person comitting violence bears a certain amount of responsibility.

In the Daily Caller, Neil Munro reports that the Obama administration has asked YouTube to suppress the offensive film that is the pretext for some of the Islamist rioting.  This is, of course, in accordance with the demands of the Muslim brotherhood.

It goes without saying that such government interference in speech protected by the First Amendment is uncomfortably close to a complete betrayal of the President's oath to protect and defend the US Constitution. The "speech" to which the Islamists object is, true, offensive.  So is "Piss Christ" and a variety of other anti-Christian (or anti-Semitic) rhetoric.  But under our...