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Parent Group Leader to Obama: Response to Sandy Hook Tragedy Should be Less Testing

fvanstav Wrote: Dec 27, 2012 3:43 PM
In the context of the discussion of individual rights in the aftermath of the Connecticut school shootings and the call for new gun control laws, I am writing to suggest there is a larger, more deadly menace threatening the young in this country. During the last forty years, around 50 million babies have been killed in this country without a trial, without a lawyer and without regard to their liberties. A society must protect the young. This is a hidden form of racism, since almost 37% of those killed are black. Women killed represent almost 50% of the total. These murders are not protected by the constitution. They government sponsored and approved. Stop abortion if the deaths of the young are truly important to us as a society.

There have been all sorts of responses to the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary last Friday.

American Federation of Teachers Randi Weingarten is pushing Big Labor to get behind gun control legislation. Others argue that it might be wise for every school to have several armed staff members.

At least those are both logical suggestions to address an obvious problem.

Now Parents Across America, a pro-union group, has checked into the discussion, urging President Obama to respond to the events by having less standardized testing.


Are these people suggesting that state standardized tests somehow drive unstable students to commit...