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The Blind Sheik and Our Mute President

big57 Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 12:05 PM
I can truthfully say, when I was in international trade, it was worthless to stop by an Embassy and try and get information on that country for specific merchandise or information. Our Embassies are only for appearance sake. It is useless as far as getting any kind of help or assistance. Foreigners know our country better than we do when dealing in business. They do their research. It was a real pleasure working with the Germans as they are very professional and business like. The British were the most impossible to deal with. But as far as American Embassies, don't waste your time. You will not get any help at all. You are on your own!
Jeff2422 Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 12:55 PM
Your right, the Germans are the most professional folks to work with, whether it is on legal or business matters. The funny thing is that Germans often find us to be put-off by their no-nonsense approach. I find the Brits to be humorous because they still act like the empire is intact. That is probably why I like British humor.
Egypt's terror-coddling President Mohamed Morsi has repeated his arrogant demand that America free convicted 1993 World Trade Center mastermind Omar Abdel-Rahman. I'd like to report that President Obama repeated his unequivocal rejection of the Muslim Brotherhood leader's entreaties. But as of this writing, no such public statement or restatement yet exists.

That's right. Obama has kept mum about Morsi's vociferous lobbying on behalf of Abdel-Rahman, the "blind sheik," who is serving a life sentence at a maximum-security prison in North Carolina for seditious jihad conspiracy. The commander in chief's silence speaks volumes.

Morsi started publicly haranguing the U.S. to have mercy on the...