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Its like I said. Paul the younger is less principled and more of a politician than his father. He's not someone I will ever agree with on everything, but I am not by any means ruling him out unless someone better comes along. Rand is pretty good in a lot of what he does and I, for one, am going to still cut him some slack. I want to see how he defends himself in the debates.
There really is no such thing as a social conservative. The federal government has nothing to do with social issue without usurping authority over them. No conservative wants the federal government forcing its brand of morality on the people. In fact, only a fool would.
That was enjoyable Woz. The contortions our NSA goes through to find justification for overriding the Constitution is mindboggling. Its always, if we can ignore its plain language and have a court insert words that are not there, its all legal.
Thanks. I'll watch tonight
Stick with McCain.
Rand is no more libertarian than Karl Marx was. He's slightly to the right of the average republican because he thinks we should have a smaller federal government, leaning toward the founder's idea of what it was meant to be. How's that less conservative than anyone else who presented at CPAC?
Ron Paul was a republican candidate
This is for all of us:
Bravo Scott
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