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btw- When I said you were on a roll, I meant a good, well-reasoned, well-researched roll.
Yup. I am up for a beer summit. Obama is not invited though, unless we want to dangle his carcass for bait. It sounds like paradise to me Tin.
Its stinks that the timing of this conservative (cough, chuckle) insurgence is bad. I would prefer the "conservative" (cough.....chuckle) momentum in 2016 when it would do the most good.
Tin is on a roll again today. C'mon. Admit it. It would be fun and enjoyable to discuss world affairs with him on deck with some adult beverages.
It takes guts to be a christian in many places around the world. I pray for their safety and God's blessing for persevering. I consider it my weakness to not have the faith to trust God enough to spread the gospel in dangerous lands.
WJF atually enjoys slandering people. Since I have confirmed many times that he simply enjoys lying about people, I give him no credit and give his posts the flush they deserve.
Then we kill 'em all? I have a hard time keeping up with all killing we have currently justified to satisfy our emotional needs. I hope you saw the posts of some good commenters on another thread who pointed out like you that more Americans are killed in Mexico every year by far than a few by ISIS. By the standard of # of Americans murdered, we should be invading Mexico. We should also be invading Chicago.
something with fava beans
I think if people compare your emotion-based argument against my objective one, some will admit that defending our nation is the priority.
Of course not. FOX has some decent People as both hosts and guests. They also invite lefty lunatics on purpose to spew utter nonsense in some moronic idea that sanity needs to be 'balanced' with insanity. It is the call to war that is similar to ISIS. The justifications are opposite, but the call to war and killing as the answer are the same.
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