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Freeman Dyson, genius, expounds on science and the warming hoax Posted on February 28, 2015 by john1282 | 6 Comments "If you read his biography, you realize, there’s smart and then there’s genius. He’s to physics and math what Mozart and Beethoven were to music except there are many genius musicians, and I don’t know how many Dysons there are. I am so glad we have a genius on our side. Thanks to Tom for reminding me and linking me to this very nice essay." http://edge.org/documents/archive/edge219.html#dysonf
Side note: ScienceABC123 | March 2, 2015 at 8:59 am | Reply There are many people who claim that every year many species go extinct because of man. When asked to name them, they either suddenly go quiet or start calling you names.
Here's a paper that Soon contributed on titled: Why models run hot: results from an irreducibly simple climate model Christopher Monckton • Willie W.-H. Soon • David R. Legates • William M. Briggs http://www.wmbriggs.com/public/Monckton.et.al.pdf
KIept afloat by subsidies: Posted on March 2, 2015 by Bob Greene | Leave a comment "The oil price collapse hurts Indonesia’s efforts to meet renewable fuels goals. " Oops. Gotta get those oil prices back up.
Roy Spencer, Ph.D, innnnnnn Climatology: "The “pause” in global warming is becoming increasingly difficult for the climate establishment to ignore, which is a good thing. They are now coming up with reasons why there has been a “pause” (a term I dislike because it implies knowledge of future warming, which no one has), and spinning it as if it is bad new for us. But when they assume that natural climate variations can cause a cooling influence, they are also admitting there can be natural sources of warming. A natural change in ocean circulation is the leading potential explanation for the pause. Due to the huge temperature difference between surface waters and deep water, any small change in ocean overturning can result in either warming or cooling of surface temperatures. If the ocean was isothermal with depth, such a mechanism would not exist. The point of this post is to remind people of what I have stated before: to the extent that a change in ocean circulation has negated anthropogenic warming in the last 15+ years, an opposite change likely enhanced warming during the 1970s to 1990s. You can’t have one without the other. Natural fluctuations in ocean vertical circulation are cyclical. You can’t attribute the recent warming hiatus to natural forcings without also addressing the role of potential natural forcings in causing the previous warming period. At best, it betrays a bias in reasoning; at worst, it is logically inconsistent. This is not just a minor detail that is irrelevant to long-term climate predictions because the models were mostly developed (and modelers’ opinions regarding sensitivity formed) during a period (the 1970s to 1990s) when substantial natural warming was occurring, yet they assumed it was entirely manmade. Correcting for the mistake would alter our understanding of climate change as well as any proposed energy policies to (supposedly) avert it."
True, we have been coming out of the Ice Age. I just think the Ice Age was the aftermath of a global flood about 4,000 years ago. I still dispute AGW entirely. Mostly, because I have yet to hear any facts that support it. Its amazing how much money is made and how easy it is to get congress to buy into it. Its as if our government thinks it is now in charge of global climate, among all its other duties. Sorry. No sale one Climate Change. I think it's value = 0
Here is our choice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzRpaSa5OMo
It has been said that Satan's greatest trick was making us believe he doesn't exist, but the truth is, his greatest trick was making us believe we have no choice to choose who we will follow.
I predict yes.
Its like I said. Paul the younger is less principled and more of a politician than his father. He's not someone I will ever agree with on everything, but I am not by any means ruling him out unless someone better comes along. Rand is pretty good in a lot of what he does and I, for one, am going to still cut him some slack. I want to see how he defends himself in the debates.
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