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New Obama EPA Rules Will Devastate Seniors

Fuzzy2 Wrote: 2 hours ago (9:29 PM)
....and then terminate the EPA and all its employees.
I wish everyone would consider that every time we have these overseas adventures to police the world, our police actions will be administered by the likes of Barak Obama as often as not. Is that the kind of guy we want being the CIC; screwing up the world in our name? I claim we are better off drastically scaling back our military policing activities. Even those we do with good intentions get screwed up when the democrats take over the presidency.
Those who are in the family of God are not under the law. The law is to judge those who have chosen not to be in the family.
Anyone who is in The Lord would hate what The Lord hates; such as effeminate men and sexual relations between same-sex individuals.
1-3% of the population get government to do what they want - but republicans argue that they could never get a decent presidential candidate elected because freedom is too scary.
...those that can afford it, pay for the higher cost of insuring other people with pre-existing conditions.
Obamacare is simply wealth redistribution. Those who can't afford healthcare get subsidies, those that can pay for the higher cost of insuring pre-existing conditions. So once again, we have politicians making laws that do not treat us equally. We are put into our respective groups and some groups are given assigned penalties for being successful and some groups are assigned as losers who are made beneficiaries of the stolen bounty. Why wouldn't that last group love that they can hire a 3rd party to take the wealth of other people and give it to them?
Then, 10 years later, republicans think they will be seen as mean if they resist acceptance of what liberals have accomplished, so republicans accept the same accomplishments. Thus, anyone with principles and morals is deemed a nutjob by both parties.
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Conservatism Is The New Punk Rock

Fuzzy2 Wrote: Jul 27, 2014 9:26 AM
I definitely agree with the skin tone comment. It bothers me just as much though, that republicans won't vote for anyone with an unacceptable haircut or who doesn't have the right voice . Known names trump principled newcomers. Victory is thought to be getting a snake in the party elected instead of getting good people elected.
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