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They are stuck like glue to the democrats. When democrats move left, republicans go left too.
True. Even if it is voluntary national service, there is no place for it. It is a socialist ideology.
Thank you doc, for putting it so simply and eloquently.
Tin really is a limited government guy. Ron Paul considers himself a Republican, not a Libertarian. Republicans talk a good game about not eating their own, Except when it comes to the one guy who walks the walk and really is for a free-market economy, non-interventionism, and a Constitutionally restricted government.
So do I. But I'm not going to force anyone else to. Look at AMYDB - a great citizen and patriot. She knows I don't agree with her lifestyle, but there is SO much I do agree with here on. I hope that's enough for her, because it certainly is for me.
or for our government to obey the Constitution. That's my preference.
Maybe some. The anti-discrimination law is unconstitutional. I wholeheartedly agree. I am a Christian above all else. Marriage is an ancient tradition going back to the very first man and woman on Earth. A union created by God. There was no government then. You progressives want government in charge of everything and this is what we get. Government forcing us all to accept things we would never accept without force.
I state fact Heretic. We have government in charge of marriage and now government wants to force us to accept gay marriage and our courts want to criminalize religious liberty.
Heretic, maybe some hate a lot of things. There are atheist conservatives too. But libertarians are not advocating Gay marriage. They are saying government should stay out of it. Tin Soldier - governments ONLY role in marriage should be honoring the contract. Period.
The mistake was putting government in charge of marriage. What else do you want to wreck and destroy of our morality? Just put government in charge of it so that the leftists and progressives will be in control and lets see what we get.
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