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We are not talking about pedophilia Robert....its two adults of the same sex. Your last comment helps point out one of your sins.
There are a lot better examples of moral corruption than homosexuality. Do you ever sin?
I support everyone having their own opinions on this topic, but most Americans no longer feel that its extreme. It doesn't mean you should not still have a right to hold your religious belief about that.
I don't see why this is newsworthy. More and more Republican voters have moderated their views on gay marriage, and this is one of those issues that is not worth fighting over anymore. Lets keep the focus on Obamacare and other fiscal issues.
I honestly think that Matthews realizes that the Tea Party is helpful for the left as it is causing division/friction on the right, so anything he can do to help the Tea Party momentum alive helps his true ideology.
I still don't like Chris, and never will. As for the Cochran thing, I know several people are upset about it. If the Democrats were trying to help themselves out, I honestly think they made the wrong choice. Had Cockran lost, the narrative about a GOP in disarray would have gotten stronger and played into the left's hands. When the right is divided, the left wins. I realize there will still be division for those supporters of McDaniel, but this outcome will get give far less fuel to the opposition than had McDaniel won.
What's the point in gaining a bunch of followers if you are unable to be effective in Congress. I don't think Cruz needs to be pals with everyone there, but in order to pass legislation, he needs to figure out how to work with others to bring results to those "legions" of followers. That's what being an elected official is all about. It's not about spewing fiery rhetoric to get people all riled up.
Ted Cruz-Please just go away. I'm not a fan of King either, but Cruz stands for anything that is self-serving and will gain him attention. His act is starting to get old fast.
I know we are all biased against Obama, but even taking that into account, Jay Carney has to be the worst Press Secretary I've ever seen. His attitude and demeanor were not befitting of that post. I'm only waiting for Obama to nominate Debbie Wass-Schultz to replace Carney.
Michael hit this dead on that CSA is something that lives with you for your entire life. We only have one life on this earth, and its unfortunate that perpetrators take that away from us. Daniel-I'm sorry to hear about your situation. My perpetrator was an older family member here which is all too common unfortunately.
correction...some in here
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