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Cruz is the last person the GOP should be nominating. He's full of hot air but has no record of accomplishing anything thus far.
Well said...I totally agree. It's unfortunate that many votesr in 2012 had not yet seen Obama's true colors.
I'm wondering if there are some Democratic Senators out there that believe Keystone is the right thing to do, but politically aren't willing to lose their base, so rather than voting for it, they would simply sit it out, and by doing so, you would need 2/3 of the total vote. If there were only 90 votes, that would mean 60 yes votes.
Palin? Seriously? She and her family are a complete joke. I'd be fine with Walker and some other candidates, but Palin and Cruz would be at the bottom of the list.
You are right in that he will make it a circus. Ugh. He's the Howard Dean on the right...should make the debates have some interesting highlights.
In 1979 I'm sure the GOP establishment was weary of Reagan as well as he was embarking on his 3rd run for the White House.
How might our country have been different if the party viewed Reagan as a candidate from the past in 1979.
I'm not a big fan of Rand, but he would certainly be better than Cruz.
For starters, Romney would end Obamacare, so that's not much of an issue now. That debate has been had already. Second, unlesss you are able to change the primary process that's been in place for years (Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina), Iowa still does matter. Typically half of the candidates drop out after Iowa, and several more after South Carolina. I would prefer 4 regional super-primaries personally, but until that happens, polls in Iowa are a big deal.
You are right that West is unelectable, but I would add Cruz to that list too.
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