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"You Never Do Say Never”

Future In Our Hands Wrote: Oct 16, 2014 10:39 PM
A leader has vision and knows how to oversee a large operation. Most of Romney's vision and predictions from 2012 came true...this is because he is a leader AND a great manager. The man possesses both qualities greatly. Now he is a lousy campaigner (though I think he's a good debater). I like Haley too, but would rather see Walker or Ryan if we are going with a newer face.
I agree that government should not be in the marriage business as you suggested, but following that line of thinking through, it should not be up to the government or elected officials to determine marriage. Is that what you intended to say?
Give me a break Joseph. At Church today our pastor preached about how many are turned off from the Christian faith because Christians are close-minded toward others...and you just proved his point in spades.
Nice post. I think it's silly when a politician like Huckabee isolates an issue like this in an attempt to help his own cause. The past 2 election cycles show that the GOP needs to broaden its appeal, and coming out with disclaimers is not going to help. There are a lot of moderate voters that agree with the GOP on many fiscal issues that are either gay, or have gray friends or family members that will not even listen to Huckabee's other ideas just for making such a statement.
What a great ad...I hope this gets a lot of national airplay. This is the type of ad that is not specific to any one race, but addresses the ongoing faux "War on Women" narrative that the left has been using heavily the past 6 years. It eats at the heart of the Democratic base, and it directly forces women to ask themselves why in the heck do they support Obama and the Dems to begin with.
Annfan-It's obvious you have an anti-Romney agenda on this forum, and I can appreciate that we all have our preferences. But here is your chance, on the record, to answer this question for all the followers on here. It just requires a yes/no answer. 1. Would you rather have a President Romney now than a President Obama.
Keep dreaming Ann. If she didn't think it was relevant, why did she talk about how great it was having his endorsement. She, like all other candidates running now, want Romney's endorsement.
You need to wake up and realize that Sarah Palin is a national joke, family brawl and all. I liked her when she first came out, but with each passing day, she shows why she is nothing more than a female version of Rush Limbaugh.
Your replies keep getting weaker and weaker, a regognition that you have no argument.
Exactly right anonymous...just ignore annfan. She has never liked Romney.
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