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What a great ad...I hope this gets a lot of national airplay. This is the type of ad that is not specific to any one race, but addresses the ongoing faux "War on Women" narrative that the left has been using heavily the past 6 years. It eats at the heart of the Democratic base, and it directly forces women to ask themselves why in the heck do they support Obama and the Dems to begin with.
Annfan-It's obvious you have an anti-Romney agenda on this forum, and I can appreciate that we all have our preferences. But here is your chance, on the record, to answer this question for all the followers on here. It just requires a yes/no answer. 1. Would you rather have a President Romney now than a President Obama.
Keep dreaming Ann. If she didn't think it was relevant, why did she talk about how great it was having his endorsement. She, like all other candidates running now, want Romney's endorsement.
You need to wake up and realize that Sarah Palin is a national joke, family brawl and all. I liked her when she first came out, but with each passing day, she shows why she is nothing more than a female version of Rush Limbaugh.
Your replies keep getting weaker and weaker, a regognition that you have no argument.
Exactly right anonymous...just ignore annfan. She has never liked Romney.
Ann-You are off base yet again. First, he did talk about government spending and conservative principles big time. Most of his campaign was focused on Obamacare and the size of government and reigning in spending. So there is the first lie you are making. Second, believe it or not, there are many on the right that are not fans of Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh and don't believe that the GOP nominee must cater to these individuals. I don't need to listen to Rush to help shape my views....and can think independently. Third, Romney was a big part of the 2010 momentum and raced across the country supporting both Tea Party candidates and traditional GOP candidates. He worked tirelessly to make this happen, so any suggestion that he failed is another lie. Fourth, he did mention foreign policy quite signifanctly, but maybe you tuned out during the general election season. Fifth, a President is SUPPOSED to go to Washington to work for all of the American people, which does require working with those on the other side of the aisle. Romney has lead in many arenas and understands that you can't get only what you want....and that there is give and take required. I know its therapeutic for you to go on your anti-Romney rants, but at least get your points straight when you do it.
Are you living under a rock? Anywhere you look (not just here on townhall) there are stories and more stories of statements and positions that Romney took in 2012 that have proven to be spot on. I know you are hyper-partisan and anti-Romney, but if you have any credibility at all on this site, you have to acknowledge that his predictions about Russia, Syria, Iraq, and Obamacare have all come true.
If you feel strongly for a particular candidate, get active and find ways to help that candidate win rather than complaining that the guy that got the most votes in the primary was unfair. The American right is a broad group with some more moderate and some more extreme, and many somewhere in between. Whichever candidates gets the most votes during the primary process, whether moderate, conservative, or far right, is the party's nominee. If I recall the last time a 3rd party candidate ran, the country elected the first Clinton....going down that path again will all but guarantee a 2nd Clinton in the White House.
So voting for a 3rd party to split the vote on the right would pretty much guarantee a Hillary win. Are you saying that you would not want a President Romney right now instead of a President Obama? If so, please explain.
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