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I assume all those posting negative comments about Romney on here want the Democrat to win then? You can claim there is no difference, but whoever has the majority in the Senate also has the majority in all the committees and subcommittees, so getting to 51 Senate seats IS a big deal, even if it requires a coalition of moderate and extreme Conservatives.
Who wants to bet that Hobby Lobby's sales shoot the roof now given this is the first major arrow thrown at the Obamacare legislation that most Americans deplore. It's so comical right now to look at Huffington Post and how flipped out the Lefties all are.
There are a lot of programs that many of us do not want to pay for, yet still are, including many in which the "dependent" society that makes up most of the Democrat party are receiving.
Look at the stereotypical response of the left assuming that anyone that opposes Obamacare or agrees with today's SCOTUS decision must be male.
You are equating rape with two grown adults making a consensual choice. Both may be immoral in your eyes, but there is a HUGE difference between molestation and two grown adults engaging in sex. Trying to link the two just further demeans your credibility.
As I said before, I am not here to judge others for their sins. You are welcome to judge all you want.
What do you really know on this topic? I would like to hear more. Do you feel heterosexual men always rape girls?
You can add Reagan in their for raising taxes, supporting abortion as California governor, granting amnesty, etc... Reagan would have a hard time today surviving a Presidential primary.
You are making a big leap in suggesting that holding this view is promoting sin. I am not here to judge others for their sins. I notice nobody is willing to admit they are sinners or have had any sort of personal struggles in their lives.
We are not talking about pedophilia Robert....its two adults of the same sex. Your last comment helps point out one of your sins.
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