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Well, first and foremost, his approach to debating is to take the hardest line stance to appease those on the far right that get their news from Rush Limbaugh-types, and his style and rhetoric is a real-turn off to the center of the country that is needed to win a national election. Regarding issues, I don't agree with Cruz or any conservative politician continuing to take the hardest-line stance on immigration as it's not only a losing issue for the next immediate election, it's a real loser over the long-run. We need leaders on the right finding ways to lure in Hispanics, not push them further away. I think Rand Paul and Jeb Bush get this, and I hope other 2016 hopefuls do to (though Jeb's word choice was not what I would have used, but I think Rand's comments were more on target). I do agree with Cruz and most others in the party in continuing to fight Obamacare...that is a WINNING issue for the right, and it should continue to be something to fight. At the same time, the party needs to offer realistic alternatives to be taken seriously.
Although Ted Cruz is a bit out there and too extreme for my liking, I do like his top 10 list!
So says the guy that just keeps posting hte same thing. Like I give a cr*p if you call me a RINO or whatever name you want to use.
Hey, you can label the candidates however you want. Its comical that anybody that doens't meet your standards is a RINO. You must be listenting to too much Rush Limbaugh.
LOL. All the candidates being considered top-tier have made remarks they wish they had back, including Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and others. It's funny that some on here are so ready to claim Jeb is done when he's never even indicated he would run.
Ted Cruz is a joke and would be lucky to get 44% of the national vote in a Presidential election. He has no concept that you are not able to govern at the extreme, and until he learns this concept, he's a non-starter.
I hate to tell you that winning a council seat is nothing like winning the Presidency. The GOP outreach effort to Hispanics needs to be broad and vast as you suggest, but the stance toward illegals by the right is often a showstopper for any other issues to be considered, including those issues that are far more important to me (balanced budget, national debt, jobs, etc..) that fighting over whether/when illegals become legal citizens. It's simply not worth the battle...lose this battle, but lets win the war regarding the fiscal cliff.
I don't think anybody is disagreeing that the borders need secured, and Jeb stated that as well. And I don't agree with his choice of wording, but at the end of the day, we have to first secure the border to stop the flow of new illegals coming, and then find a way to gradually grant citizenship to those here. It doesn't feel right saying it, but this is a wedge issue that the Dems have successfully used against the right for years, and because of it, Hispanics do not trust the GOP.
I certainly don't agree with Jeb's choice of words, but he's one of the only politicians on the right that realizes the GOP can no longer rely on a white majority to win a Presidential election. We on the right must change our attitude and approach toward the Hispanic community to have any relevance in the future. Hispanics are socially conservative, and fiscally conservative on many topics, so unlike blacks, I think this is a group that could be more balanced in how they vote.
And no more extremists in either party trying to hold forward progress hostage. We need leaders trying to create real solutions, not sit on the sidelines trying to earn points by throwing out the most red meat.
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