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Romney lacked the vision...huh? That is one of his greatest strengths, and in 2012 he had the "Vision" to predict many events that are happening today, including in Russia and the turmoil in the Mid-East.
Yes indeed...unlike most candidates who have been politicians forever, Romney gets results. He's not into his image, how this deal or that deal makes him look...he truly loves this country, and if he feels something has bettered the country, he feels he's achieved some success. Our current President views Politics and our government as a basketball game that he must come out victorious. He's playing small ball, trying to win each game/battle at a micro-level, while at the macro-level this country goes down the tubes.
We must have watched difft debates. Romney killed Obama in the first 2 debates, and the 3rd is when Obama went on the offensive, and Romney held his own. Because Obama had sucked so bad in the first 2 debates, some of the media thought he won the 3rd just by looking engaged, but I would take Romney's performance in all 3 anyday. He better articulated Conservative principles and persepctives on a strong foreign policy in these debates than any other prior candidate had since Reagan.
Exactly...Mitt won the debates, hands down. And saw a huge bump in the polls after. Hurricane Sandy really saved Obama, and if it were a close election before Sandy, the news coverage of the storm helped increase Obama's lead. Let's also not forget that...prior to November, 2012, the American people had not felt the pain of Obamacare. That was the reality check for many who voted for Obama but now have buyers remorse.
While Romney was not a natural campaigner, he would have been great at governing and leading this nation over the past 2 years. Nearly every prediction he made, whether about Russia, Obamacare, Syria, etc... has proven him right, and Obama wrong. Romney had the vision in 2012 for what would be happening now, while Obama was viewing politics as a game (win at all costs). Poll after poll out now show that if the election were held now, the American people would overwhelmingly put Romney in the Oval office.
It's pretty sad when even Maureen Dowd has given up on this President. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/20/opinion/maureen-dowd-alone-again-naturally.html?smid=tw-NYTimesDowd&seid=auto&_r=0
While I think that these charges against Perry are completely bogus, I worry that this will now make him a victim/martyr for some in the party who will want to push him to run in 2016. Let's hope he learned from his 2012 fiasco and sits out in 2016.
I assume all those posting negative comments about Romney on here want the Democrat to win then? You can claim there is no difference, but whoever has the majority in the Senate also has the majority in all the committees and subcommittees, so getting to 51 Senate seats IS a big deal, even if it requires a coalition of moderate and extreme Conservatives.
Who wants to bet that Hobby Lobby's sales shoot the roof now given this is the first major arrow thrown at the Obamacare legislation that most Americans deplore. It's so comical right now to look at Huffington Post and how flipped out the Lefties all are.
There are a lot of programs that many of us do not want to pay for, yet still are, including many in which the "dependent" society that makes up most of the Democrat party are receiving.
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