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Hollywood Goes Hoo-Hoo for Hillary

fuster Wrote: Jul 31, 2013 4:36 PM
yup. Clinton has a huge number of supporters and if she's the Democratic nominee for president in 2016, the republicans don't have anyone who could beat her. I neither like nor trust her, but the republican Party is a shambles and has nary a single candidate with sufficient nation-wide appeal.
good thing for you that idiocy isn't a felony.
what insult? I find it admirable that Malkin attempts to write and is undaunted
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Israel's Reviled Strategic Wisdom

fuster Wrote: Jul 06, 2013 9:15 PM
no, it's not that Glick had a milkshake and didn't wipe her lips and chin afterward, it just her usual froth from foaming at the mouth.
I would expect that every person in govt doesn't have to work 24/7/365
John, you should find a purpose in life.
it's been a loooong while, Ken, but we were pretty proud of " Sans-Culottes" way back when.
well, that's rather a silly belief as that humiliating defeat led directly to the 73 war.
all in all, a good comment. while I think that the citizenry owes Snowden a measure of gratitude for the information about the NSA and the FISA courts, the theft and release of the info was also an indictable offense. release of other information, and the implicit threat that he has yet more to release and might release unless the US forebears attempt to capture him, is not at all in our interest
" There are those who suspect that Snowden is or was a Russian agent " there are those who suspect that Lambro demeans himself and insults the readers by indulging in that debased level of smear tactic
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