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I love my 1911 too, but the .45 has never "knocked anyone down." It's still a pistol for chrissake. Anyone who wants to belittle the 9mm (with quality ammo loaded) is invited (like Clint Smith used to do) to step out into the parking lot and let me shoot you with mine, then tell me what you think about it.
Thanks Big Dog, it's tiring to have to repeat the truth at every turn (on every thread and forum) but if the conversation isn't based on simple shared understanding of terms, we're talking past each other. Oh wait, we're doing that anyway.... Must add that "assault weapon" has no such definable meaning, and in fact was not even in use before the debate attendant upon the 1994 ban. It is a meaningless term.
The "voice of the people", regardless of what it says, does not supersede the protections provided by the Constitution. Be careful what you wish for; the passion of the mob may turn against you next, if you abandon the principles of our republic. We are not a democracy, thank God. The Congress can debate as they choose (and citizens and their advocacy groups can all have a voice in that debate), and to the extent that they waste their time in fruitless or misguided debate, or finally vote against our interests, we'll vote them out and reverse their folly. There's a republic for you.
I oppose universal background checks because they are the back door to 100% registration (the records will be retained forever and provide a convenient list of gun owners) and registration leads, historically, to confiscation - which is the stated intention of folks like Feinstein. Confiscation would lead to tyranny or the breakdown of civil order, either of which would be the end of our Constitutional republic. Enough of this supposedly "common sense" incrementalism. I support none of it. Enforce the laws in place, but not a step farther. We know where you intend to take us, a small step at at time, and we're not going there.
No one takes possession of a firearm purchased through the internet without undergoing a background check. The weapon has to be shipped to, and picked up by the buyer at, a federally licensed dealer, who will not transfer it to the buyer without a background check. Let's continue clarifying, ad nauseum, that no FFL dealer transfers a firearms anywhere to anyone without conducting a background check. "Registration" is (so far) not a federal requirement, and is not a requirement in most states either.
Precisely, AZ... John, turn down the flame a bit, because you do not know as much as you think, nor do you read posts carefully enough to respond accurately if your info was correct. No one said the bullet "tumbles" or breaks apart at the muzzle. Effective terminal ballistics of the 5.56mm ball round (M193 or M855) depends upon the bullet yawing upon impact with flesh, and then breaking apart into two or more fragments which create multiple wound tracks during the expansion of the temporary cavity. WHEN that happens, the round is very effective. It happens only at high impact velocities, so very seldom at ranges beyond 200-300 yards. It is, by design, an underpowered assault rifle cartridge inappropriate for most large game.
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