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Who Are Obama's Real Enablers?

FUNNYLOGIC Wrote: Apr 02, 2013 7:27 AM
I agree David. We, Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Partiers, etc. did not do our job. We allowed the President and the Progressive Liberal Democrats to demonize us for over four years, yet the people suffer more from the actions of the Liberal President and his party by far than all of us on the other side. Still we don't stand up and call it like it is just as loud and calous as them. We have gotten quiet, easygoing and soft this last 20 years. Being reasonable in todays political world is not going to work anymore. Too many dumbed down uninformed in our modern society to get it without shouting in their face. FL
I was reading the Old Testament book of Amos a few days ago and was reminded that liberation theologians get much comfort from that prophet's decrying the mistreatment of the poor.

At about the same time, I read a piece by a brilliant conservative analyst with whom I sometimes disagree who was arguing that some conservatives don't take the formidable Barack Obama seriously enough and, in effect, give him cover with their over-the-top depictions of Obama as a Marxist and worse. He erroneously assumes that these supposedly hyperbolic characterizations are motivated by greed (stirring up audiences yields more revenues) and, in any...

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