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The 8 Most Shameful Moments of Barack Obama's Presidency

fulldroolcup Wrote: Jul 12, 2012 6:05 PM
Actually, you are full of..."it". Presidents can't pass ANY laws, and attempting to pass laws by FIAT is unconstitutional. Nor are Presidents "allowed" to grant amnesty to classes of people. Presidents can pardon individuals for offenses committed against the United States, but not to unnamed "classes" of people. You really ought to take an elementary course on the Constitution, dudette.

8) "The private sector is doing fine:" Know what hasn't been "doing fine" for a single day since Barack Obama came into office? The private sector. So when Barack Obama bizarrely proclaimed that "the private sector is doing fine" earlier this year, Obama was further out of touch than E.T. was when he wanted to phone home.

7) Obama bows to Saudi king: If Barack Obama had spent his formative years in the United States instead of overseas, he'd know that real Americans don't bow. Moreover, no American, especially the President, should be bowing down to a...