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as was his Depends. Free Diapers! Yeah!
Leaders of the New Order insist that it must sink so that it can be rebuilt into a perfect state where everyone gets everything free. I know they'll have the problem of who will provide the free stuff figured out eventually. All Hail the New Order!
That made no sense. But it won't matter in the New Order. You'll be given a PhD for trying.
It's working so well in Europe, why not? How about the pathetic people that foolishly think the money they've earned is theirs. Mao, Stalin and their offspring 0bama, Reid and Pelosi know better. All Praise the New Order!
He was just observing the backward thinking characteristics of the winners who seem to idolize idolize socialism. Your dear leader will soon achieve the transformation of America he promised. You should be happy!
No, that's not what he despises. He despises you.
As in your response to the prohibition of slavery? Who let the dummy in?
I think your post violated everything you accuse others of doing! LOL
The anti-war liberal left that has infected all levels of our formally great education system in the last 40 years, has achieved their goal of intentionally dumbing down America. Since the DOE began, SAT scores have dropped every year in spite of making the test easier to pass so as not to offend anyone. 70% of college freshmen have to take remedial reading, writing and math before they can even try to understand anything taught at the university level. These socially promoted students ultimately fail anyway. The left needs stupid, ignorant people to fail so they will fall for the empty promises from the party of Santa Claus. The by-product of this failure-by-design was apparent with the re-election of a proven failure of a President.
Project much?
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Planned Parenthood Ran a Black Friday Deal

fugawi Wrote: Nov 25, 2012 9:43 PM
Let me introduce you to trog and lilly.
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