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The President's Private War

ftorres Wrote: May 05, 2012 5:49 PM
Re: gungy, "Sorry, I'm all for drone attacks that kill terrorists including American traitors on foreign soil. " And you must be all for the president deeming whoever strikes his fancy a "traitor," would you not?

Did you know that the United States government is using drones to kill innocent people in Pakistan? Did you know that the Pakistani government has asked President Obama to stop it and he won't? Did you know that Pakistan is a sovereign country that has nuclear weapons and is an American ally?

Last week, the Obama administration not only acknowledged the use of the drones; it also revealed that it has plans to increase the frequency and ferocity of the attacks. White House counterterrorism adviser John O. Brennan argued that these attacks are "in full accordance with the law" and are...