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Unfortunately I think it's a waste of time, money and possibly more American lives to try and save Iraq. The vast majority of educated Iraqis left the country in the 80s and 90s leaving behind a largely uneducated population that views the world through a very warped tribal, religious and cultural prism. I did three tours in the sandbox and think it is disgraceful the number of American lives shattered in that hell hole and the amount of money we wasted - and I do mean wasted trying to help a people that by all indications only wanted a handout and couldn't be made to see the bigger picture beyond their tribes / neighborhoods. The only ones with any real convictions are the religious fanatics. Let them slug it out and what's left over - well napalm is good for something.
Her demand that the committee be evenly split only gives more credence to the claims that the administration has more dirty laundry that they would rather keep hidden. Which, of course, goes without saying.
In a sane world it would be fair to claim that Norton is the most catastophically inept and ignorant person in Congress but unfortunately there is an entire herd of representives in competition for that title. And while some Republicans give it their all to summit Mt. Stupidity it's almost a sure bet that there will be a Dimocrat ahead of them.
And the democrats are infinitely more worthless so what's your point Moe-ron.
And Russia, more specifically Putin, almost certainly could care less.
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A Deal At Any Price

Frostybeermug Wrote: Nov 25, 2013 1:09 AM
Wrong as usual, Libya gave up its chemical weapons under Bush.
Unfortunately several republicans fit that description as well.
How much will WW III cost? Probably less than Obamacare.
That was pretty good king
Sounds about right
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