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Obama Versus Obama: Part II

fromohio Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 8:05 AM
(cont'd) It took me decades to get rid of the indoctrination that school years, university years and working years in such a society meant. Obama's bending in front of the Muslim world and its leaders is bad news for the country and for the Western world. This attachment was in full display yesterday when he gave his "sermon" from the pulpit of the UN and it cannot be ignored any more. It is more dangerous than the quest for a "redistributed" society.
Nowhere is the contrast between Barack Obama, as defined by his rhetoric ("Obama 1") and Barack Obama as defined by his actions ("Obama 2") greater than in his foreign policy -- and especially his policy toward Israel.

What if we put aside Barack Obama's rhetoric, and instead look exclusively at his documented record over a period of decades, up to and including the present?

The first thing that is most striking about that record is the long string of his mentors and allies who were marked by hatred of the United States, and a vision of the world in which the white, Western...