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Hannity and Allen West: Bomb Iran Instead

fromohio Wrote: Sep 07, 2013 11:15 AM
Maybe, maybe someone "pays" them to say that? Just a thought.
The two guys deserve a medal for cutting through the PC wall. One may count on one hand how many times any media outlet made a correct analysis of the implications of such an attack that the WH is planning. Under the microscope it is easy to find Iran behind all terror acts that occurred around the world since 1979. The two factions, Sunni and Shia may fight each other via proxies in Syria but on a final analysis they are all muslims and have the same goal, the conquest of the world by forcing it to accept either islam or dhimmitude. The very first step towards that goal is the annihilation of Israel situated on the threshold of western civilization/non-muslim world/dar el Harb. If the WH doesn't know that than we have a problem but if does know then the problem is even bigger because it seems that it acts also as a proxy of the MB proxies that already macerate from within the administration and the country's socio-political fabric.
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