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The Israeli Spring

fromohio Wrote: Aug 29, 2013 9:09 AM
Mr. Jeffrey, have you heard of such a thing called Islam and its tenets?
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What I Did On My Summer Vacation

fromohio Wrote: Aug 16, 2013 8:16 AM
Ms. West, Diana, you must stop apologizing right here and right now. There is no need for it. The more you try to explain yourself the more they will attack you. I said it in other comments I made on other sites. I know exactly where you are coming from, I have been there, I've done that. Unlike some "famous" reformed marxists, I, an ordinary person made the full circle. I managed to get rid of the "ballast". There are more like them than myself and I am proud of it. But we are not talking about me, we are witnessing history in the making. You deserve better treatment but you won't get it, not under the circumstances which are less conducive for "soul-searching" than they ever were in the history of the republic. Please don't despair, please keep up the good work, there are so many things that still need clarification/explanation/conclusions to be drawn.
Ms. West, I hope that you were prepared for the onslaught against you and your book. You were in fact right when you said that the anti-anti-communist movement is as strong if not stronger than it ever was. Rest assure that you have more friends than enemies.
Once upon a time the left glorified Edward Said for his "Orientalism". This love story with Aslan falls in the same category: "how dare you, non-muslims, doubt our knowledge and goodwill? We know better about you than yourselves! Why? Because we said so!"
Huma is not a topic of discussion just as anti-communists were always silenced in this country. And something else: the journal Huma worked for is a journal for "muslim minority" How is it possible that there such a "thing" as a "muslim minority" - denomination along religious/belief system lines - while the rest of the population is classified along color lines to the extent that new "races" had been invented for the purpose of atomization. Muslims are not a race. The muslim nation is one of the most colorful societies humanly imaginable. The muslims hate along religious lines not color lines. It would be wise if politicians would reconsider this whole demographic hullaballoo. If they insist that there is indeed a muslim minority then the rest of the population should be also defined according to their creed such as all "departments" of christianity, a few jewish "departments", hindus, budhist, shinto, african tribal religions, etc. But one may ask: isn't it better to have two major groups of people: the muslims still a minority on one side and all others crammed into one big conglomerate, the dhimmis a.k.a. non-muslims on the other. I guess that's what the "muslim minority" wants anyway. What would become the Weiner household under such conditions is a topic for a future article.
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Obama’s Fascination with Racism

fromohio Wrote: Jul 21, 2013 2:29 PM
Correction: they created a REPUBLIC and avoided at all costs the use of word DEMOCRACY.
Ms. West, I take the opportunity to tell you how much I admire your courage for writing the "American Betrayal". I am at half-lengh of the reading marathon and I keep on navigating back and forth between lines and pages because what you describe it is not only unbelievable but extremely dangerous. I was born to real communist parents, I was educated and worked in one of the eastern-european satellites of the SU and I still "don't know the half of it". Thank you and thank you again. My life made a full circle by jumping out from the frying pan into the frying pan. But make no mistake, it's not about me but about the real communist imperialism that made plenty room for the resurgence of the muslim imperialism. "What can we do about it? you are asking. At this point in time, not much. Please keep unearthing the evilness of the evil empires.
I was referring to the last two centuries. I listened to a radio interview given by Andrew Bostom on the very same topic. You may check it out on his website. Before islam the whole ME was christian and jewish in parts.
This article is like a piece of swiss cheese, full of holes. Most of the history of various egyptian regimes it is known to those who like to read multiple sources. Egypt was always a muslim country, never denied that and two centuries of conflict between the so-called secularists and the true muslims ended with the latter's victory. Elements of sharia were always present in the country's constitution to a smaller or larger extent. More of it was incorporated in the amendments legislated by none other than Anwar Saadat in 1980. Saadat was later killed by the same Ikwan, a.k.a. MB. If is to believe that Morsi was an american puppet dictator than how it's possible that he forgot the most important thing that conditions political takeover, the purge of the army of the hostile elements, in this case of the secularists? It is something fishy how Morsi supposedly neglected that and let the army take away his power. I am not talking about the merits of such a miss, but the account doesn't seem accurate. Rigged and fixed "democratic elections" are the fad of the 21st century, there are not an american "sponsored" egyptian invention. Last but not least, some elements of PC speech found its way into the writing: islamists? Again, who are they as compared to muslims?
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The Sudden Decline of Marco Rubio

fromohio Wrote: Jul 08, 2013 4:02 PM
It's actually "one step forward, two steps back" and it used to be attributed to Lenin no t Marx.
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