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That's Why they Hold the Elections

From ME to you Wrote: Aug 08, 2012 5:58 AM
IMO elections in this country have become not much better than popularity contests. Even at the local level it has become more about likeability than competence. As long as the gov't is in the handout business "bread and circuses" are the key to political success!

There is much gnashing of Punticratical teeth in Your Nation's Capital over how NBC is presenting the events that they paid about $1.1 billion to present.

I've tried the iPad apps but I can't make any sense of them, so I am reduced to flipping through the channels (who knew Bravo was an NBC network?) to catch Field Hockey, or Boxing on one of the cable nets, or the omnipresent Beach Volleyball on the broadcast mother ship.

I would rather there were more action and less back-stories, but at 65 years old, I am WAY out of "the demo"...