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Joe Soptic? Meet the Obama Bus

From ME to you Wrote: Aug 11, 2012 1:05 AM
Jesus did say to take care of the poor and sick. He didn't tell you to use OTHER people's money to do it! YOU are supposed to use YOUR resources and YOUR talent and YOUR time and YOUR labor to accomplish those things. Stealing to help others is STILL stealing!

Joe Soptic thought he was doing good by Obama. He thought, “I support the candidate and I am flattered they want me to do an advertisement for him.” Joe, I know what the operatives told you. They told you that you were going to put Obama over the top. They said, “Your story will determine the outcome of the election.” They called you, they told you they’d cover for you. They said they’d put you on television in front of a friendly anchor and make you look great. You might have even had a short chat with people you looked up...

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