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Govs. McDonnell and Haslam: “We Are Taking Action” to Fix American Public Schools

froggy19510 Wrote: Apr 02, 2013 11:42 PM
Here is an idea. Get out of the public schools and let the local communities fix them and get back on the economy! Stupid!

One issue of consequence that is often forgotten -- especially when the nation is drowning in debt and unemployment remains stubbornly high -- is that the U.S. public education system is languishing in a state of disrepair. Plainly put, too many young people are trapped in failing schools. And while the founding fathers recognized that a thriving republic cannot long endure without an enlightened and educated citizenry, too many lawmakers -- from both political parties -- seem wholly content with the status quo.

But thankfully, not everyone is.

Enter Republican Governors Bob McDonnell of Virginia and Bill Haslam of Tennessee. Today,...