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The Rally in Stock Prices

Fritz65 Wrote: Jan 28, 2013 7:39 AM
I disagree. Investors in November weren't betting on future dividends and stocks, they were betting on more QE. Wall Street Big Banks are the first in line for the free money (ZIRP/printed) that never reaches Main Street. The illusion continues with the rising market built on a foundation of printed money. Any shock to the system and down she comes. Not if, when?

Craig Newmark points to some interesting analysis that suggests that the recent run-up in U.S. stock prices can be attributed to the newest rounds of quantitative easing:

What is clear is that the recent market rally is once again being driven by the Federal Reserve's QE programs. Money is flowing out of bonds, and the dollar, and into equities. The weekly chart below shows the decline in the market...