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Left wing extremist ideologues intent on transforming America into a Socialist Welfare State have no interest in the laws of economics, or the law for that matter. Ask His Majesty of Amnesty.
Americans from both sides of the ideological spectrum recognize the danger. Obama doesn't care. Full steam ahead with the fundamental transformation of America into a socialist oligarchy.
I would love to think Obama is merely thrashing about, and that his amnesty would have little impact, however I believe that to be a fatal mistake. Regardless the illegality of his executive orders he still has the corrupt, biased media in his corner, and the divide between Americans Obama seeks will be exacerbated.
Odd, about the same percentage who will receive subsidies. Odd the same percentage of Americans who are ant-capitalist, pro-socialist. I would say the tumor on America covers about a third of her body.
Every liberal talking point invented about Obamacare used to obfuscate the lies and fraud used to pass the law heard here. Karl Marx's long lost relative says BUT there are 8 million people who now have health insurance who would not have had. Someone please tell Gruber's Goober that the CBO says there will be 30 million still uninsured in 2024 at a cost of $1.4 Trillion and our liberty.
Fournier is viewing the situation through the eyes of a committed liberal journalist whose belief systems won't allow the cold hard truth past his wall of indoctrination.
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You Lie!

Fritz65 Wrote: Nov 15, 2014 1:17 PM
In order to have time to read all of the Obama lies we strongly advise you pack a lunch after a good nights sleep with an open schedule.
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VIDEO: A Lie Exposed?

Fritz65 Wrote: Nov 14, 2014 8:13 PM
Too bad the MSM ignores the story, allows her to continue a career of lying.
As Obama used the IRS to intimidate political opponents, Holder uses law enforcement to tyrannize citizens with charges of racism.
The casualties from Obamacare mount daily. But you ain't seen nothing yet. Wait until full implementation right after His Majesty abdicates the throne to Queen Hillary or Elizabeth.
Joe Wilson was right. Voters were desperately wrong. Many were fooled into believing Obama told them the truth and cared about them. [One out of six adult males ages 25 to 54 remain jobless, and many could be offered the dignity of employment if President Obama enforced immigration laws.] Six years later, it gets worse. The next two years we enter the danger zone as Obama is now exposed.
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