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The American public are economically ignorant thanks to a corrupt progressive media. They support that which harms them. Middle class economics is a farcical Obama populist piece of propaganda reported as truth by the media.
[So the real problem isn’t that the president doesn’t like the country very much, it’s that so many people voted for, and still support, a man who doesn’t like the country very much.] Amen.
Mark Levin explains clearly, even if Obama shuts down DHS by law essential service and workers continue. The question: is the Establishment GOP for amnesty? If they back down you have your answer.
Many people in Springfield thought there was a tornado, but were relieved to learn it was only the high pitched whining, wailing, gnashing of teeth from liberals, Democrats, and unions. The first honest budget speech since I moved to Illinois in 1980.
Obama: "[W]hat’s true is that when millions of people –especially youth—are impoverished and have no hope for the future [resentments] fester. The risk of instability and extremism grow.”] Obama could be talking about the Great Society that led to welfare rules that destroyed the black family by rewarding single motherhood, generational dependency, drug havens, failing schools, zero opportunity Democrat ghettos that have led to gang membership and violence in Chicago, Detroit, LA, NYC, Newark......Now Obama wants to do what exactly?
So do Americans and everyone in this nation you demonize falsely to advance your anti-American agenda.
Hillary would make a great president if America were threatened by a Bimbo Eruption. Hillary and Obama are responsible for Libya, rise of ISIS, Russia reset, Ukraine wars. The Democrats have gone over the left cliff but are they this far gone?
This begs the question can Obama be trusted as Commander in Chief? Do we really know who's side he is on? His actions belie his inner belief system and they apparently aren't pro American.
You need to look beyond our lawless, anti-gun, anti-constitution President to the unelected extremists Obama appoints to his two million man bureaucratic army that will carry out his unconstitutional dictates.
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Beermakers Battle Over Tax Reform

Fritz65 Wrote: Feb 15, 2015 12:40 PM
Sounds like government picking winners and losers again, which drives me to drink.
This entire presidency has been inappropriate.
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