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CBO Report: Obamacare Denting Labor Force

Fritz65 Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 11:51 AM
Ernest learned well from Vern how to look straight into the camera and lie without laughing. Remember they're not laughing with you, they're laughing at you.
Of course we are as feckless as Obama, telling our opponent we are cowards and won't use the tools available under the Constitution to stop the rouge administration, because we're big government statists too, and simply want our turn at the helm of the Titanic.
A left wing ding bat? Are there any other kinds? 2010 is going to pale in comparison to 2012.
How radicalized has the Democratic Party become? Very, when many of their own become whistle blowers.
Peace through strength. Anything else is national suicide. Today Obama and the left wing extremist Democratic Party's Kum Bah Yah foreign policy is arsenic , their open borders cyanide, and gutting our military a noose. You see the results. The world burns, our enemies emboldened.
You don't release hundreds, if not thousands of violent criminals into the streets of America if you care about the people. Why does Obama hate American citizens?
Faint semblance of the rule of law still visible even after the Obama administration's 5.5 year all out assault on the Constitution? Now there's some Hope and Change!
NO, NO, NO! Every progressive reciting their daily indoctrinals will tell you Reagan raised taxes 11 times! They will tell you Reagan tripled the debt. They will NOT tell you 21 million jobs were created. Or that Tip O'Neal promised cutting spending $3 for every dollar of tax increase. He lied, and raised spending $3, hence the debt.
Time to get out of the UN.
If the American left is still pi$$ed off about slavery that ended 150 years ago in America, why no outrage today at the evil incarnate Obama's dereliction of duty allows? Because they are hypocrites. Plain and simple.
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