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“How can you have a functioning democracy when the voters don’t have access to truth?” ....that's one reason why America is dysfunctional, the other is left wing extremism in power. A deadly cocktail for liberty and freedom.
The ability of a lawless executive is only possible with a co-conspirator in the AG's office, in conjunction with an enabling, feckless opposition party in congress.
Hope lives.
Good to know the Establishment Republican Party has so many Democrat members. They are enablers of the left, pro-big government, and anti-liberty. Accomplices to the plunder of America.
Alinsky- never humanize your opponent, and the opponent of the Obama administration and the American left wing extremists is the military, is individual liberty, is the Constitution. the heritage, moors, and traditions of this great nation. To transform it, you must demonize it first.
As Obama said about Benghazi, just bumps in the road.
The American left, aka Democrats and liberals will never admit that there is a human reaction to taxes. It's like water flowing to the area of least resistance, yet the left is surprised when their tax and spend policies drive business and people away. America to Ireland, Illinois to Texas. The evidence is clear.
The bombing of Pearl Harbor never happened either. The brazen arrogance of this criminal administration requires retribution. Who will? Boehner and the crony capitalist Chamber of Commerce? We need a wave election purging America of the progressives from both parties. Then put Obama in a straight jacket his last two years.
As a resident of Illinois, I welcome you to the Chicago Way.
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