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The Pee Wee President’s Awfully Big Campaign

FriscoLawyer Wrote: Apr 16, 2012 1:45 PM
I have the answer. To cure all the ills of the present debates, let's calculate all the "income" households that have stay-at-home moms "earn" by having the mom do all the work instead of paying third parties to do it (i.e., laundry, house cleaning, child care, bookkeeping, etc.), then tax all that "income" at a millionaire's rate of 30%. Surely this would eliminate the federal debt in just a few short years, Hillary Rosen will be crowned a genius, and Obama can be re-elected with a landslide because this "income" would mean that "employment" (which is needed to create "income") would rise significantly, emboldening spending, manufacturing, and the economy as a whole. Man, I think I just qualified to be "liberal idiot of the year" with...

Our real-life, make-believe president has two things to accomplish during this campaign season if he wants to call 1600 Pennsylvania Ave home for another four years.

His first three-and-a-half years have been so bad, that he’s had to ditch a reelection strategy and come up with a the re-write of a screenplay that he can act out over the next seven months to replace the real accomplishments that presidents usual rely on to get reelected.

If the body of the story Obama has selected so far seems vaguely familiar to all of us, it’s probably because we have already seen...