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President Bystander Tackles 14 Percent Black Unemployment

FriscoLawyer Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 5:33 PM
It's not going to happen until the House and Senate have term limits. All any of them care about right now is re-election, and if that means handing out "free" goodies in exchange for votes, well, "that's what politicians do, right?" We have the government we deserve because NONE OF US want to give up our "free" goodies, like our Social Security and Medicare money (generated by a government Ponzi scheme), our farm subsidies (ouch, without those the price of food would rise; actually, not it wouldn't, it would come down), etc. etc. Don't blame politicians; that's too easy and cowardly. The next time you want to complain about our system, look in the mirror and ask yourself if YOU would vote for a candidate that wanted to get rid of SS.
silentCalfan Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 1:02 AM
About 50% of us on Social Security don't really need SS benefits. Means-testing (i.e., reducing benefits as income increases) would go a long way to solving the SS financial problem. However, the greater problem is political: too many seniors say "I paid in for 40 years, and I am entitled to the money," even if they don't need it.

WASHINGTON - The jobless rate has risen to nearly 8 percent, economic growth has screeched to a halt, and there's grumbling among President Obama's most loyal voters about 14 percent black unemployment.

So Obama swung into action last week to deal with it. He shut down his job creation council, an advisory group of top business people, labor leaders and other political cronies, with whom he rarely met during its two years of existence.

And then Alan Krueger, who chairs Obama's Council of Economic Advisers, issued an incomprehensible Orwellian statement, saying that the increase in unemployment was "further evidence that the...