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Do you actually think their countries of origin will just let them back in? What happens at the San Diego/Tijuana line when the Mexican army shows up and says "turn around"? Our lax policies have put us on the verge of letting them stay or risking war with Mexico. Pretty poor options, but bad choices often results in bad situations later
This article and Schlicter's column today prove that "lack of knowledge" is definitely NOT the problem we face. The problem is a country that decided a while back to get away from the limits imposed on the government by the constitution and allow the term "general welfare" to mean whatever Congress says it means. This opened the floodgates to all the chicanery we see spewing out of Washington in the form of money in-money out on things the government has no business being involved in. Stop that and get back to the enumerated powers in the Constitution, or live in a country without one. It's that simple.
Do I hear crickets? Yep. That's what they are Georgia boy.
By lying, he was intentionally trying to become "part of the news" and now he's running from it? Geez. Make up your mind, Brian.
Is relativism true? Or good? Just asking those questions exposes the fraud that relativism actually is. Without a benchmark for truth or goodness, those concepts mean nothing. Which in turn means that relativists cannot engage in intellectual debate of any kind. This is why arguing with Liberals is so infuriating. They are hopelessly obtuse but believe they are smarter than you are. They claim to speak truth while believing no such thing exists. They claim their ways are good while denying such a thing as good or evil exists. It's maddening. But also hilarious! Liberals are comic. Like sad clowns.
It's no surprise that Liberals, who are mostly atheists, lack a moral compass. Indeed, they have no objective moral benchmark and are actually - amazingly - proud of their subjectivity. If you have "morals" based on your personal feelings you will not only flip flop all the time (or "evolve" as Obama did on gay marriage, for instance), but you will be absolutely and hilariously adrift in areas of morality. Liberals are both sad and laughable at the same time; not an easy feat.
I think the film Unbroken should be pulled, too. It makes the Japanese look bad. Oh, and Saving Private Ryan just got into the National Archives even though it makes Germany look bad. How come? We have become a nation of pussies. And it is trickling down from the very top.
Don Henley got it right with his song "Dirty Laundry." The MSM doesn't care about truth, only scintillating stories. And by God, if they have to invent them from whole cloth, so be it. This above all else proves the MSM is owned by Marxists: they share the same worldview that the end justifies any means, no matter what.
I like the "best for the Dems, worst for the nation" statement. Too true.
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The Real Lessons of Ferguson

FriscoLawyer Wrote: Nov 27, 2014 9:25 AM
Mark nailed it. Unfortunately, part of that nailing is how hard this battle will be. But that didn't stop Dr. King and it shouldn't stop us, either.
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