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If you want Mandela's true record, visit my Twitter page, Civil Rights Lawyer. I have posted in my photos a list of his "accomplishments" and they should make even the most ardent Prog cringe for having canonized this fraud.
LIberalism is a mental disease after all. How could a functioning intellect even make such a comparison?
Nelson Mandela was a confessed terrorist (why he was in jail, totally the opposite of MLK), who invented the practice called "necklacing" (Google it), and is not a media and political darling because after prison broke his spirit, he started singing Kumbaya coincidentally at the same time Apartheid was crumbling of its own weight. The end of Apartheid had as much to do with Mandela as it did with any other random event that happened around the same time. So much for liberal "history." They never get anything right.
Read the two excellent books by Radley Balko: Cato Institute "Overkill: The Rise of Paramiliary Policing in America" and his more-recent: "Rise of the Warrior Cop." That is, if you don't want to go to sleep tonight. Folks, it is an epidemic that needs to stop.
LonePine: With your background, we need you screaming this from the mountaintops, please.
When seconds count, the police are minutes away.
Let's ask the Sandy Hook parents: if they could go back and change history, how many of them would want the teachers in that school to have been armed and trained in the use of large-caliber handguns? Hmmm.
Christ is not just a great man. A man saying the things He said about himself is either a lunatic on the scale of a man who says he is a poached egg, or the devil of hell, or God incarnate. You don't get to say "he was a great man" and leave it at that. He did not give you that option. He didn't intend to. You must pick one of the three options He actually gave you. Don't pick wrong.
Eric, You need to ask yourself: what evidence, in kind or amount, would convince you to believe? If you don't know what it is, how will you know when you find it? If you are a true agnostic, you should spend every minute of your life continuing to look for the answer because your eternity is at stake. I hate to see you spend eternity apart from God because you were too lazy to look hard enough for Him. He has said that if you actively seek Him, you will find Him. Better get to it.
There are no atheists who are also intellectually honest. To be a true "atheist" you must think you have examined all the evidence that exists for a Creator and concluded that He does not exist. However, no one has done that, so you cannot say "X does not exist" with any intellectual vigor. Instead, there are only agnostics, which are people who say "I have examined limited evidence, and the evidence I have seen so far does not lead me to believe." The question really is: what type or amount of evidence would convince them? If they say "there is none" then they are intellectually dishonest and have closed off inquiry, which is the opposite of scientific thought. So, since there MIGHT be evidence out there that will convince them someday, they better be about looking for it. Eternity is a long time and you better be right. All sane people who do not believe are therefore actively looking at all the evidence they can lay their hands on. The rest have surrendered their intellect and their reason for passion. Argue with that.
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