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The federal government lacks the competence to manage any kind of immigration. A single social security number can be used by thousands. The SSA only checks on those applying for benefits. Whatever bureaucracy that manages visas can not keep track of them. Whatever bureaucracy that handles deportations can not do it. And of course ICE can not protect the boarder.
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Statistical Frauds

FriarJay Wrote: Apr 15, 2014 9:29 AM
I believe that most people are unable to equate pay with productivity, especially in government and big business. They believe pay should be "needs based". They are easy targets for politicians (and unions).
We need some structural changes at the constitutional level that can only be done at the state level. It seems that all large countries are failing because of borrowing and taxing. The federal government must be striped of its ability to tax and to borrow. The states will collect a flat tax for the federal government. If the feds want more money, they will have to ask the states for it and the states will have to collect a "head tax" to raise it. If the feds want to start a war they will have to get the money from the states.
Senator Mitch McConnell is the General George McClellan of this fight. If we are to win, the “Country Club Senator” must be replaced by a cigar chomping, whiskey drinking Ulysses S. Grant.
I am sure I can trust your research on the Senator's record, but that isn't the problem. We are engaged in a nasty fight and Senator McConnell projects the image that he won't bring himself to do anything to soil his standing at the country club. We are in a fight. We need leaders that show they are in the fight.
The column is unreadable because the formatting or whatever is showing.
And just why can't we walk away? I was for intervention to convert Iraq to a democracy, but I was ignorant of the peoples of the region. I still am ignorant of the inter population conflicts but, I have stopped believing that any US involvement can anything. We have to openly and brashly update our nuclear weapons. We have to confirm our alliance with Israel and, hopefully, Egypt. Then stand back and see what happens. It probably will be ugly, but we can handle it, sans Obama of course.
Finally someone is writing about this! For several years I have been pointing out those mass murders committed by immigrants to the "all immigration is good" people. I mean how many "good" immigrants does it take to compensate for a mass murderer?
Why doesn't anyone talk about the Social Security Administrations (SSA) complete failure to enforce only one person per social security number? I have read that thousands can use the same social security number (SSN). Even the President shares an SSN with a deceased person. If the SSA cleaned up their data banks millions of illegals could be exposed.
I am more conservative than Attila the Hun. The comment "then there is this guy" would seem to be derogatory. Cody7 did not seem to be saying that his unemployment was anyone else's responsibility.
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