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Texas Gets Heavily Armored Boats to Patrol the Rio Grande

freynolds Wrote: Jul 05, 2012 2:23 PM
Becca, you're being too kind to Jim. If he's from CA, then he already knows that approximately 26% of his state's population are illegals. Is it any wonder that state is bankrupt?



Last year, President Obama turned border security into a joke when he said Republicans wouldn’t be happy until they get a moat…with alligators in it.


No, the Texas Department of Public Safety hasn’t gotten said reptile-infested moat to combat the growing problem of violent drug cartels crossing into the U.S. via the Rio Grande. They did, however, get a bold new force in the form of ‘gunboats’ that are sure to make Somali pirates green with envy.


“These patrol vessels and the newly formed Tactical Marine Unit represent...