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Texas Gets Heavily Armored Boats to Patrol the Rio Grande

freynolds Wrote: Jul 05, 2012 2:12 PM
Stan, these boats are for drug inforcemnt, NOT for border control of illegals crossing over. It doesn't matter if the drug cartels can "track" them or not. Their intent is to be highly visiable! If they patrol the Rio Grande, like they do our highways, there will be "doubling back" included in their patrols so the cartel will never know, for sure, if they will make a pass, then return, instead of going farther up their assigned patrol. Since this is for drug smugglers, they WILL be allowed to shoot (and will) if fired upon and I don't mean a little hand gun will be doing the shooting.



Last year, President Obama turned border security into a joke when he said Republicans wouldn’t be happy until they get a moat…with alligators in it.


No, the Texas Department of Public Safety hasn’t gotten said reptile-infested moat to combat the growing problem of violent drug cartels crossing into the U.S. via the Rio Grande. They did, however, get a bold new force in the form of ‘gunboats’ that are sure to make Somali pirates green with envy.


“These patrol vessels and the newly formed Tactical Marine Unit represent...