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Texas Gains National Spotlight in Voter ID Law Debate

freynolds Wrote: Jul 19, 2012 12:34 PM
Mother of 4....if anyone chooses to check, they will find there is a Driver's license (which also issues ID's) in EVERY county in Texas, so no, it's not a fact that a person has to make a "200 mile round trip". As big as Texas is, there is no county THAT BIG (or even half that big)! Folks, those of us who live in TX know exactly what the laws were passed and why Holder is trying to stop them. Given you have no requirement to provide ID when you fill out (or vote) a registration card (and they conveniently have them in Spanish) the primary goal is to shut out the over 1 MILLION illegals from being able to register and vote....and guess who benefits from their vote???? The Dems do.

The debate over laws requiring a photo ID to vote has been contentious lately, to say the least. Texas recently became the next state to be thrust into the conversation. Representative Trey Martinez Fischer, who currently serves as the Chairman of the Mexican-American Legislative Caucus within the Texas House of Representatives, traveled to the nation’s Capitol recently to argue against voter ID laws.

His reasoning was based on an absurd observation, claiming that the lack of transportation posed a serious problem for many individuals. “In West Texas, some people would have a 200-mile round-trip drive to the nearest state office to...